Flight schedule goes mobile

04.12.08 13:19
Berlin Airports expands online offering
Mobile phone or PDA (Personal Digital Assistant) users can now take advantage of a new service offered by Berlin Airports: the Airports' live flight schedule available at http://airport-ber.mobi. Besides providing arrival and departure times for each flight, there is also information on the terminals, check-in counters and arrival gates as well as the possibility of contacting the airlines directly.

Dr. Rainer Schwarz, CEO of Berlin Airports: "Many business travellers now use mobile devices with Internet access to keep up to date while travelling. The number of these devices is constantly increasing. We are now offering all of these users our live mobile flight schedule. Passengers can now obtain information on their flight status wherever they are, without having to register."

The costs of this new service will be added to the user's telephone charges for data transmission. These can be requested from all providers.

The project was realised together with the IT service provider and specialists for mobile websites RW Consult from Viersen.

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