BBI: letting process started for non-aviation space

18.03.09 12:01
Initial letting of retail, restaurant and service space / Letting process for operators of car rental service centres and car rental firms has begun / Project office set up to deal with letting
Berlin Airports will make a decision about the initial letting of non-aviation space at the new BBI Airport by mid 2010. A pre-qualification process is currently under way for prospective car rental firms and operators of car rental service centres. The letting process is published in the Official Journal of the EU. The desks of the car rental operators are situated in the arrivals hall of the BBI terminal. The car rental service centre is located right next to the terminal. All services are pooled under one roof here.

Approximately 150 spaces spanning some 22,000 square metres are to be let to retailers, restaurant owners and service providers in the highly attractive terminal, of which around 18,000 square metres are behind the check-in area.

This broad range of sectors ensures a high-quality offering exceeding customer expectations. The distinctiveness of BBI is to be ensured not least by the presence of local best performers from the Berlin-Brandenburg region.

A project office was set up especially for letting the attractive space and has been implementing a three-stage letting process since February 2009. The project office deals with all queries from prospective tenants. Following successful pre-qualification, selected prospective tenants will be invited to submit an offer for suitable space. Berlin Airports has commissioned the management consultancy firm A.T. Kearney to conduct the process.

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