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08.04.09 13:44
Berlin Airports presents letting concept for non-aviation space together with Chambers of Industry and Commerce / Chambers of Commerce assist companies with applications
It's all systems go today as Berlin Airports presents its letting concept for non-aviation space at the new BBI Airport to companies in the region together with Chambers of Commerce from Brandenburg and Berlin. "We have a total of around 150 spaces to let over the next few months", announced Dr. Rainer Schwarz, CEO of Berlin Airports, on presenting the plans. "The non-aviation segment is becoming increasingly important for the airport of the future. Our aim is to enlist the help of regional companies and brands to ensure BBI is deeply rooted in the German capital region. Our visitors will also realise that they have landed in Berlin when they see the shops and restaurants."

Around 150 retail and restaurant spaces spanning more than 20,000 square metres are being let at BBI. Approximately 120 spaces are located past the security checkpoint (airside) and around 30 spaces will be located in the public area (landside).

From the perspective of the Chambers of Commerce, the BBI project offers companies in Berlin and Brandenburg attractive investment opportunities.

Dr. Wolfgang Krüger, CEO of the Chamber of Commerce in Cottbus: "We are delighted that the airport company is attaching great importance to offering a mixture of regional products at BBI." Yet it is also clear that the requirements of applicants are high and most regional retailers and restaurants have no experience when it comes to Europe-wide tenders for letting space at airports. "The Chamber of Commerce in Cottbus has therefore developed a special programme called 'Fit for the BBI Airport', which starts on 8 April", says Krüger. Via a "fitness check" and expert assistance, small and medium-sized companies from the south of Brandenburg acquire specific know-how for participating in the airport tender. A written business plan outlining their intentions at BBI must be submitted in order to participate.

Christian Wiesenhütter, Deputy Managing Director of the Chamber of Commerce in Berlin: "By focusing on local brands and suppliers, BBI Airport can profit from the flair of the shopping metropolis Berlin. At the same time, only a distinctive airport can fly the flag for our business location. A regional strategy must therefore be pursued throughout the entire letting phase. The additional time and effort will surely pay off. In order to increase the prospects of success for our members, our full-time trading and gastronomy experts are on hand to offer intensive advice on business plans. We have also appointed the management consultancy firm Kühn to answer any questions relating to the pre-qualification process. Today we launched a special page on the website of the Chamber of Commerce in Berlin entitled "Shopping and restaurants at BBI: information and advice". All the latest information and a list of contacts is available at www.ihk berlin24.de."

The non-aviation segment is becoming increasingly significant at the airports. Retail space at the current Berlin airports Schoenefeld and Tegel was doubled over the past three years. Passengers in Berlin now have 36 restaurants and shops at their disposal in Schoenefeld, and as many as 63 in Tegel. The share of non-aviation services at the Berlin airports rose from just under 20 per cent in 2000 to 33 per cent in 2007. Berlin Airports aims to increase this share to 46 per cent by 2010.

Details on the tendering process

Berlin Airports will reach a decision about the initial letting of non-aviation space at BBI by mid 2010. A three-stage letting process will be held for all space:
  • Pre-qualification Interested companies have the opportunity to submit an application.
  • Invitation to tender Individual spaces will be advertised. Applicants from stage one are requested to submit a binding offer.
  • Negotiation The airport enters into negotiations with the best tenderers and discusses the contents of the applications. The aim is to obtain the best concept and most profitable solution for letting.

The letting processes will run from Q1 2009 until Q2 2010 and be divided according to sector: the process for duty free and duty paid will run from Q1 until Q3 2009. The letting of restaurant space will take place from Q2 until Q4 2009. Retail, service companies, travel agencies and financial service providers will follow from Q3 2009 until Q2 2010. The process for car rental companies is already running and ends in Q2 2009.

A project office was set up especially for letting the spaces and has been implementing a three-stage letting process since February 2009. The project office deals with all queries from prospective tenants. Berlin Airports has commissioned the management consultancy firm A.T. Kearney to conduct the process. Berlin Airports is solely responsible for reaching a decision on concluding letting agreements.

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