1,000 days of construction work, 2,000 football pitches, 3,000 construction workers

18.05.09 13:59
A week of events from 1 to 7 June / Construction site tours with different focuses / Special activities around the BBI Infotower
Europe’s biggest construction site will be 1,000 days old on Whit Monday: 1,000 days of incredible progress at the construction site for the new Capital City Airport BBI. The dimensions of the project are vast: the site itself is the size of 2,000 football pitches; up to 3,000 construction workers will be employed at the site this year. They are busy building the underground railway lines, the terminal, the apron, the new southern runway and all the access roads. Construction work has also started on a number of other buildings, including the new tower and the power stations.

BBI will be taking a great step forward this year: the shell of the terminal will be completed in the late summer. After this, work will start on the building façade, which will be made of glass and steel. To celebrate this milestone in the construction of the new airport, Berlin Airports is holding a week of special events in the first week in June. Entitled “1000 Days of Construction Work”, everyone is invited to visit the BBI site and see for themselves the progress that has been made.

“In September 2006 we held the ground-breaking ceremony for BBI. 1000 days later, and you can see quite clearly that an airport is being built here”, says Manfred Körtgen, BBI/Technical Director of Berlin Airports. “It is a pleasure to invite everyone from Berlin and Brandenburg to celebrate the start of one of the most exciting phases of the work at this colossal site, to let people see for themselves the enormous progress that we’ve made here. The week of events will give visitors the opportunity to take a look behind the scenes at the construction site of the most important project for the future of the Berlin region.”

The programme:

1 June, Whit Monday Children’s Party for International Children’s Day • Exciting family programme with live music, clowns, children’s playground and tasty snacks from the barbecue. Guided tour of the site: BBI – A place of work and education • Focal topic: Preparing for the Future. BBI Campus – fostering and building skills for the BBI • Special: the tour will be accompanied by an expert from the Job Agency.

2 June Guided tour of the BBI site: BBI and the Environment – the Green Airport • Focal topic: Water Management and Mitigation Schemes • Special: guided tour of one of the eight high-power pump stations

3 June Panel debate (starts: 19.00) “1000 Days of Work at the Construction Site. The Economic Engine BBI – the Progress So Far” • The debate will be recorded for the radio show “Apropos Wirtschaft” Guided tour of the site: Roads, Rail, Air – BBI, the Intermodal Airport • Focal topic: A terminal where everything is in easy walking distance • Special: the tour will be passing the A380 position at the main pier

4 June Guided tour of the site: Thousands of Tons of Concrete – How a Runway is Concreted • Focal topic: Tour of the new south BBI runway • Special: tour of the BBI concrete plant

5 June “Trus on Tour” • 105‘5 Spreeradio will be broadcasting live from 5.00–10.00 from BBI in the “Jochen Trus am Morgen“ show Guided tour of the site: Power for BBI – energy supplies • Focal topic: Performance and reliability – power supplies at BBI • Special: tour of the airport’s new power control station

6 - 7 June, weekend Family Party at the Infotower • Exciting family programme with competitions, digger obstacle courses and tasty snacks from the barbecue. Guided tour of the site: BBI - the New Location for Enterprise and Business (6 June) • Focal topic: Airport-City, BBI Business Park • Special: the tour will be accompanied by a business relocation expert Guided tour of the site: Underground – in the Cellar of the BBI (7 June) • Focal topic: Excellent connections – the Capital City Airport BBI will have its own railway station • Special: Tour of the BBI station

Getting to the BBI Infotower:


By car

Coming from the north: take the A117 motorway or the A113 motorway if you’re coming from the south. Take the exit Waltersdorf/ BBI-Baustelle and follow the signs for the Infotower. Before you get to the GAT and the south entrance to Schoenefeld Airport, turn left to reach the BBI Infotower. Parking spaces are available.

By bus

Bus number 734 will take you direct from Schoenefeld S-Bahn station to the BBI Infotower. The bus runs hourly; for details of departure times, visit the website of the transport company Regionale Verkehrsgesellschaft Dahme-Spreewald MbH at www.rvs-lds.de.

A site the size of 2,000 football pitches, rolling diggers, thousands of construction workers – the BBI construction site is currently the biggest and most exciting site in the Berlin region and Europe’s largest airport construction site. In keeping with our motto, “We Build – You Watch”, Berlin Airports invites you to visit the site. Our site marketing includes a broad range of entertainment and information activities – from the BBI Infotower to guided tours of the site and the “A Day at the Airport” special holiday programme for children. You can also follow the progress at the site on the internet with our webcam and construction site diary. For more information, visit www.berlin-airport.de.

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