Berlin Airports launches BBI Noise Protection Programme for public buildings

27.05.09 13:01
Berlin Airports signs cost agreement with Eichwalde kindergarten / Berlin Airport invests more than €100m in BBI Noise Protection Programme
The BBI Noise Protection Programme for public buildings has started: today, Dr. Rainer Schwarz, Chief Executive Officer of Berlin Airports, and Dr. Ekkehard Schulz, Mayor of the commune of Eichwalde, signed the cost assumption agreement for the noise insulation measures at the kindergarten in Stubenrauchstraße 17/18. Berlin Airports will be paying €150,000 for the kindergarten to be fully equipped with noise insulation measures, including the installation of noise protection windows, ventilation units and will also be contributing towards the roof renovation.

Berlin Airports’ Chief Executive Officer, Dr. Rainer Schwarz, stated at signing of the agreement: “Construction work for the new Capital City Airport BBI started almost 1,000 days ago. Following an extensive noise review in 2008, we are now in a position to actually see the first results of our Noise Protection Programme for BBI. Later this year, more buildings will be fitted with noise insulation windows to ensure that they comply fully with the strict regulations and standards set in the planning stipulation decision.”

Over the next few years, Berlin Airports will be investing more than €100 million in the BBI Noise Protection Programme. As specified in the official planning stipulation decision for the extension of the airport, the programme covers the installation of noise insulation measures for 56 buildings in the vicinity of the new airport, mainly kindergartens, schools and nursing homes, as will as noise insulation measures for 25,000 private homes located in the airport’s approach paths. The installation of noise insulation for private houses will start at the beginning of June 2009. Additionally, Berlin Airports will be providing residents with compensation for higher exposure to noise in outside areas, such as patios and balconies.

All owners of properties in the specially designated protection zones are entitled to free noise insulation measures. To apply, please send a written application to Berlin Airports at the following address:

airportworld bbi Besucherzentrum der Berliner Flughäfen Flughafen Schönefeld 12521 Berlin

Local residents can also call airportworld bbi daily between 10.00 and 18.00 on 030-6091-2070 for more information about the noise protection programme, or are invited to visit the centre in person.

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