Taxi quality campaign in Tegel starts on 1 July

27.05.09 13:07
Better service for passengers at Tegel / Compulsory quality standards for Tegel taxis
On 1 July, Berlin Airports in cooperation with the Taxiverband Berlin Brandenburg e.V. and the Berlin Guild of Taxi Drivers is launching a campaign for better taxi service quality at Tegel Airport. As part of this campaign, a number of quality criteria and control mechanisms will be introduced to ensure that passengers taking a taxi from Tegel Airport enjoy a high standard of service.

The new quality campaign means that anyone getting into a taxi from 1 July can expect the vehicle to be clean and equipped with a fully functional cash-free payment system. Also, drivers will no longer be allowed to refuse to drive short distances and must have basic English skills.

As part of the new quality drive, the access roads to the taxi waiting area will be fitted with barriers to ensure that only taxis and drivers that comply with the new quality standards can gain access to the airport taxi ranks. Construction work for the redesigned waiting system is currently being carried out and will shortly be completed. The annual fee of €70 per taxi driver has been abolished; instead, drivers will now pay €0.50 for each fare they pick up at the airport.

Dr. Rainer Schwarz, Chief Executive Office of Berlin Airports, welcomed the new quality drive, saying, “We are very pleased to launch this new quality campaign on 1 July together with the city’s taxi associations and drivers. In future, our passengers will be able to depend on receiving excellent taxi services, with friendly drivers who speak German and English and clean cars that are equipped with credit card payment terminals.”

Christian Wiesenhütter, Deputy Managing Director of the Berlin Chamber of Commerce and Industry, said: “The start of the new quality campaign at Tegel Airport is an important step towards ensuring that passengers arriving at the airport enjoy the standard of service they should expect to receive at a major international airport. Unfriendly drivers who refuse short fares will become a thing of the past, while credit card payment becomes standard in all cars. We are particularly pleased to see that the airport is developing and implementing this concept in close cooperation with the taxi companies.”

The Chairman of Taxiverband Berlin Brandenburg e.V., Detlev Freutel, is equally pleased with the new quality drive: “We are looking forward to the launch of the new quality management system at Tegel on 1 July. The new airport standards not only benefit our passengers, they also enhance the city’s image. A taxi is often the first part of the city visitors experience after the airport, and we are determined to create a good impression.”

The President of the Berlin Guild of Taxi Drivers, Bernd Döhrendahl, agrees: “This initiative not only merits our wholehearted support, it is also essential. The new changes will enable the city’s taxi company’s and drivers to fulfil their mission to provide even better, more efficient services. The quality drive and the control mechanisms that are being put in place are a good solution.”

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