A major role: preliminary construction of railway station completed on schedule

24.06.09 12:04
Berlin Airports hands over first preliminary construction section of underground BBI railway system to Deutsche Bahn in July / Subsequent work started on interior and railway technology / Construction of BBI Terminal railway station on schedule
After just over 1,000 days of construction work, Berlin Airports is soon to achieve yet another milestone on the way to completing BBI: on 24 July, the company is set to officially hand over the first preliminary construction section of the underground rail link to Deutsche Bahn. The Supervisory Board and management of Berlin Airports and representatives of Deutsche Bahn today saw for themselves the progress being made on the BBI rail link.

Klaus Wowereit, governing mayor of Berlin and Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Berlin Airports: “Today marks a very important day for Berlin. Fast access to the new airport by road and rail is key for us. The motorway to BBI Airport has already been completed, and the railway station will also be up and running on time for the opening of the airport. By locating the railway station directly below the terminal, we are able to provide the best and shortest train-to-plane link.”

Matthias Platzeck, Minister President of Brandenburg: “BBI is a success story for the local economy. Companies from the Berlin-Brandenburg region were able to secure two-thirds of the 1.5 billion euro contracts awarded so far. The construction of the underground BBI railway station is also an example of this success. The structural work was carried out by a consortium of SMEs from the region – on schedule and within budget.”

Wolfgang Tiefensee, Federal Minister of Transport, Building and Urban Affairs: “The new airport is one of the most significant transportation projects in East Germany, and will create jobs beyond Berlin and Brandenburg. BBI figures prominently in the German government’s airport concept, both economically and in terms of transport policy. The government is dedicated wholeheartedly to supporting the construction of the new Capital Airport BBI. The railway station is a perfect example of this. In contributing 576 million euros, we are funding the lion’s share of the construction costs for the rail link.”

Prof. Dr. Rainer Schwarz, CEO of Berlin Airports: “The underground railway station plays a major role in the construction of BBI: it forms the foundation for the centrepiece of BBI, the terminal. Following a good 1,000 days of construction work on BBI, one thing is clear: BBI is increasingly taking shape. What was once Potsdamer Platz and then the main railway station has now become BBI: where the future of the German capital region is being built.”

Manfred Körtgen, BBI/Technical Director of Berlin Airports: “Handing over the railway station to Deutsche Bahn on schedule is a milestone in the BBI project. We are well on schedule with our work on the rail link. Starting in July, Deutsche Bahn will work on the interior of the railway station, installing tracks, platforms and signalling equipment.”

Dr. André Zeug, CEO of DB Station&Service AG: “Right after taking over the preliminary construction, we will start developing the railway station, i.e. building the three platforms, laying the tracks and installing the railway technology. The terminal railway station will go into operation on 30 October 2011, ensuring a convenient train-to-plane time of just a few minutes.”

Facts and figures on the underground BBI rail link:

Berlin Airports is building the BBI railway system on the airport grounds on behalf of Deutsche Bahn. A contract was drawn up between the company, the government, the states of Berlin and Brandenburg and Deutsche Bahn to this effect and signed at the ground-breaking ceremony for BBI on 5 September 2006. Berlin Airports has completed 1.3 kilometres of the 3.2 kilometres of railway station/tunnel. This will be officially handed over to Deutsche Bahn on 24 July 2009. Once the preliminary construction has been handed over, Deutsche Bahn will be responsible for work on the interior and railway technology.

Around 150,000 cubic metres of concrete and almost 16,000 tons of concrete steel were used to construct the 1.3-kilometre-long section. This is equivalent to around 25,000 fully loaded concrete mixers and 700 flat-bed trucks full of concrete steel. The first preliminary construction section of the underground BBI railway station has a base area of 53,000 square metres and on completion, will lie eight metres deep in the groundwater. The railway station must then be able to withstand a lift of 420,000 tons. In order to keep the excavation pit dry during construction, 20 million cubic meters of water have already been pumped out.

In March 2007, Berlin Airports began constructing the railway station. To begin with, the sheet piles were positioned and the excavation pit dug out. The first concrete was incorporated in May 2007, the final surface concrete in May 2009. A total of 600,000 cubic metres of excavated material was moved. During the main construction period in 2008, an average of 400 construction workers were working on constructing the BBI railway station. 200 construction workers will now continue working on completing the four-track tunnel under the apron over the next few months.

An area the size of 2,000 football pitches, over 40 cranes, hundreds of construction vehicles, thousands of construction workers – the BBI construction site is currently the biggest and most exciting construction site in the capital region and the biggest airport construction site in Europe. In keeping with our motto, “we build, you watch”, Berlin Airports invites all those interested to visit the construction site. Our site marketing includes a broad range of entertainment and information activities – from the BBI Infotower to guided tours of the construction site and the “A day at the airport” special holiday programme for children. You can also follow the progress on site from your own home on the Internet via our webcam and construction site diary.

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