5 years of ISRAIR in Berlin

03.07.09 11:27
Israel’s second-largest airline a loyal customer of Schoenefeld for the past five years / Flight frequencies and passenger numbers increase every year / Strong growth in incoming tourism
Five years ago, Israel’s second-largest airline ISRAIR added the Tel Aviv–Berlin route to its flight schedule. For the first time on 5 July 2004, a Boeing 757 belonging to the airline landed at Schoenefeld Airport. From this time forward, ISRAIR continued its ascent with additional flight frequencies and increasing passenger numbers. ISRAIR now offers three flights a week from Berlin to Tel Aviv. A total of 150,000 passengers have been transported between the two cities over the past five years. Reason enough for the airline to celebrate its five-year Berlin anniversary together with the airport.

“Five years of success in Berlin is the perfect opportunity for us to thank our passengers and Schoenefeld Airport for its excellent service”, says Michael Leiserowitz, Manager of ISRAIR Germany. “We also plan to continue growing in Berlin in the future and are already looking forward to the new BBI.”

“We are delighted that ISRAIR is focusing on the German capital Berlin in future, too. The two capitals, Tel Aviv and Berlin, have huge growth potential, which should be tapped more intensively”, says Ralf Kunkel, Spokesman for Berlin Airports.

Passsenger numbers between both cities are on the up, despite the crisis. From January to April 2009 alone, the number of visitors to Berlin from Israel rose by 24 per cent.

Flights with ISRAIR can be booked online at www.israironline.de or by phone on +49 30 2096-2280.

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