Decline in traffic slows further in September

06.10.09 13:27
1,989,730 passengers were recorded at the Berlin airports in September, 2.2 per cent less than in the same month last year.
A total of 15.7 million passengers were handled in the first three quarters of 2009, half a million passengers less than in the same period last year (-3.2 per cent).

Schoenefeld Airport registered 638,863 passengers in September, pushing traffic figures up 0.2 per cent into the positive range.

1,350,867 passengers were handled at Tegel in the same period, representing a slight decrease of 1 per cent.

Schoenefeld and Tegel together recorded 21,041 flight movements (-17.4 per cent). A total of 174,433 flight movements were recorded between January and September ( 15 per cent).

The effects of the financial crisis continue to be seen in the air freight figures. Air freight flown at the Berlin airports in September fell 20 per cent to 1,752 tons.

All values for this month are based on preliminary figures.

The traffic statistics of Berlin Airports (final figures) can be found online at

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