Verkehrswachstum in Tegel und Schönefeld

06.11.09 11:47


The Berlin airports recorded 2,041,867 passengers in October.

1,372,431 passengers were recorded in Tegel, slightly up on the same month last year (0.5 per cent).

Schoenefeld Airport recorded 669,436 passengers in the same period, which confirms the positive trend in the south east of the capital. A year-on-year comparison of passenger figures in October shows a 1.6 per cent increase.

Tegel and Schoenefeld together have handled 17.7 million passengers since early 2009, 542,051 passengers less than in the same period last year (-3 per cent).

The Berlin airports recorded 20,972 flight movements (-18.8 per cent) in October. A total of 195,406 flight movements were recorded between January and October ( 15.4 per cent).

Air freight at the Berlin airports dropped to 1,814 tons (-17.1 per cent) in October.

NB: All values for this month are based on preliminary figures. The closure of Tempelhof Airport on 31.10.2008 led to a slight drop in passenger figures at the Berlin airports of 0.8 per cent for the month of October 2009.

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