Friedensdorf charity parcels leave from Berlin’s airports

03.12.09 14:03
Helping poor families to survive the winter / 17th parcel collection for families in need
Many families in Tajikistan, Georgia, Armenia and Nagorny Karabach are desperately poor and hunger is a constant companion. To help these families, Friedensdorf started a charity campaign several years ago called “Hilfe wird gepackt” (Help is Packed). The winter 2009/10 parcel campaign, which takes place for the 17th year in succession, aims to give people in need in these countries the help they need to survive the bitterly cold and tough winter.

Tonight, a plane laden with 22 tons of aid – donated by people all over Germany and collected by Friedensdorf International – takes off from Schoenefeld Airport. The Berlin company Chapman Freeborn is helping Friedensdorf to fly the parcels to Dushanbe (Tajikistan).

In Armenia, in Georgia, in Nagorny-Karabach or in Tajikistan bread, meat and cheese, potatoes, vegetables and fruit are luxuries that many people cannot afford to eat every day. In comparison to what people earn, flour and sugar cost much more than they do in Europe; a tin of peaches is prohibitively expensive for average wage earners. Even the simplest, most basic staple foods are beyond the means of the majority of the population, quite simply because the prices are too high. The situation is particularly desperate in the winter, when even less food is available to buy than during the rest of the year.

The aid parcels leaving Berlin’s airports today for these war-scarred and crisis-hit countries are crucial for the survival of many people. A small box full of non-perishable foods, a little chocolate for the children, warm clothes for children and adults and toys for the families in Caucasus and Tajikistan can make all the difference and help them to survive the bitterly cold winter. The 17th Friedensdorf charity collection provides needy families in this region with invaluable help.

Friedensdorf is asking people throughout Germany to support the collection and actively help the people in these countries. For more details, visit www.friedensdorf.de or call them on: 02064 / 4974-0.

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