Hauptstadt-Airport BBI: Heinemann wird erster BBI-Mieter

15.12.09 12:56
Berlin Airports select Gebr. Heinemann as Duty Free/Duty Paid operators / Concept focuses on the region / 3,000 square metres retail space for passengers
The first tenant for BBI’s shopping and food services areas has been selected. Berlin Airports has chosen Gebr. Heinemann KG to operate the Duty Free/Duty Paid shops in the new Airport Berlin-Brandenburg International BBI. The Hamburg-based retail enterprise won the concession in a strong field that included several international competitors.

The Heinemann concept is based on showcasing a wide range of regional products from Berlin and Brandenburg. The shop concept won over the awarding committee with its attractive design and what was by far the best routing and footfall planning. The plan takes the needs of both customers and non-shoppers into consideration. Heinemann briefed the internationally acclaimed Berlin architectural practice GRAFT to design the area “Products and Brands from the Region”.

Professor Dr. Rainer Schwarz, Chief Executive Officer of Berlin Airports, said: “The plan Heinemann designed for BBI is superb and it provides a high degree of recognition value. We want to offer our passengers at BBI the best, most exciting shopping opportunities. With Heinemann, we welcome the first company on board and look forward to working with them to achieve our aim of giving BBI a distinctive and uniquely appealing profile based on a great mix of regional, domestic and international brands.”

Two years before the new Berlin-Brandenburg International Airport BBI is due to open, Dr. Norbert Minhorst, Regional Director of Non Aviation and responsible for the rental proposal, is already highly satisfied: “With our concept, which was precisely tailored to showcase the region’s products, we feel that we have laid the foundation stone for truly outstanding, highly distinctive non-aviation services.”

Berlin Airports will be renting four areas to Gebr. Heinemann GmbH. The largest of these areas is around 1,800 square metres and is located directly behind the security zone which all passengers pass through to get to the gates. The second-largest shop, at around 1,000 square metres, will be behind the passport control zone for non-Schengen passengers. Two other, slightly smaller shops – with a total of 200 square meters – will be located as satellites close to the gates.

The rental process comprised three phases (pre-qualification, offer phase and negotiations). The proposal submitted by Gebr. Heinemann surpassed all other offers, both in terms of the financial plan as well as in the other assessment categories: “Concept quality”, “Strategic match for the demands of the site” and “Special significance for the location”.

Passengers at the new BBI airport will benefit from Heinemann’s guaranteed TÜV-certified low prices: 90 percent of Heinemann’s products offer savings of between 10 and to 30 per cent compared with high street prices.

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