Latest IT technology for traffic control

16.03.10 13:55
Contract awarded for traffic control systems / Innovative technology at BBI / T-Systems wins bid
Europe’s most modern airport will be equipped with the latest IT technology for controlling the core processes. In a Europe-wide call for tenders, T-Systems International GmbH was awarded the contract for the most important components of the traffic control systems at the future Capital Airport.

Manfred Körtgen, Managing Director of Berlin Airports BBI, explains: “Particularly where the IT technology is concerned, the airports of tomorrow must be equipped with the state of the art. With T-Systems we are pleased to have found a partner for our aviation systems who can deliver this.”

Together with T-Systems, Berlin Airports will be implementing the central systems that facilitate operational traffic management before trial operation of the BBI begins. Afterwards all systems will be tested for six months.

Details of the traffic control systems

AODB The AODB (Airport Operational Database) centrally manages all flight schedule data and master data. In future it will be possible for external customers and partners to access and process relevant data from the AODB using the AOE front end (Airport Operational Extranet).

RMS The planning for the check-in desks, aircraft parking positions, and arrival and departure gates at the BBI will be performed using the RMS (Resource Management System). The system will provide the planners with suggestions to assist them in their work.

FIDS In addition to the static signs in the terminals, the FIDS (Flight Information Display System) will display all the relevant flight information to passengers.

TMACS Using the TMACS (Traffic Monitoring and Calculation System), a real-time visual representation of the radar data and other location data pertaining to the airspace and situation on the ground will be provided for the BBI’s control centres, (e.g. the Airport Control Centre). Furthermore, the system will also use the location data to calculate the necessary turnaround and handling times.

ESB The Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) is a platform for the efficient exchange of data with external systems. Berlin Airports will in future be using the Sonic ESB made by Progress Software.

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