Cancellation of Take-offs and Landings at the Berlin Airports

17.04.10 14:24
Air travel in Europe has been seriously affected by the volcanic eruption on Iceland and the cloud of ash issuing from the volcano. The cloud is moving away from Iceland in a south-easterly direction at an altitude of several thousand metres.

The German Ministry of Transport has instructed the Deutsche Flugsicherung (German Air-Traffic Control) to impose flight restrictions for North German airspace. According to the latest information, take-offs and landings at the Berlin Airports will presumably not be possible until 8.00 am on Saturday, 17 April.

Almost 700 take-offs and landings which had to be cancelled (Tegel: 502, Schoenefeld: 189) have been affected by the blocking of airspace over Berlin.

The large volume of hits on the home page www.berlin-airport.de may cause an overload of the servers in isolated cases.

Passengers are urgently requested to contact the airline with which they will be travelling before starting their journey. In addition, the call centre of the Berlin Airports can be reached by calling the hotline (0180/500 01 86).

It is not possible at this time to predict how long these restrictions will remain in effect. The decisive point will be the development of weather conditions. The responsible authorities are cooperating closely with the German Weather Service.

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