Airport Berlin Brandenburg International BBI: Statement on the media reports of the past days

01.06.10 08:24
Since last weekend there have been a number of media reports on the issue of the time schedule for the new Airport Berlin Brandenburg International BBI.
In this connection, the unjustified allegation has been made that Berlin Airports has withheld information for several weeks.

Berlin Airports would like to clarify this allegation:

According to the current plans, BBI will open on 30 October 2011. Due to information that has become available in the past few days, Berlin Airports is focusing on two issues in particular:

The plans for the Technical Building Services

In December 2004 the general architectural services for the BBI sub-project “Passenger Terminal” were contracted to the Planungsgemeinschaft Flughafen Berlin Brandenburg International (pg bbi). At that point in time, the consortium comprised:
  • J.S.K. International Architekten und Ingenieure GmbH
  • gmp Generalplanungsgesellschaft mbH
  • IGK-IGR Ingenieurgesellschaft Kruck mbH

As a partner of the pg bbi, IGK-IGR was responsible for planning the technical building services. On 08 February 2010, the company filed for bankruptcy. The airport operating company was informed of this development on the same day. As contractually agreed, responsibility for all planning services and joint and several liability for the technical building services remains with pg bbi.

pg bbi has repeatedly stated since 11 February 2010, and latterly on 19 May 2010, in a number of meetings and in writing that all planning services, including the technical building services that are now lacking due to the IKG insolvency, will be provided and that the overall schedule will not be compromised by the events.

In contrast to these assurances, Berlin Airports received a letter on 19 May 2010 from the BBI project controller, WSP CBP Airport GmbH (CBP), which drew the company’s attention to the threat posed to the time schedule by the delay in technical building services plans due the insolvency of IKG.

On 25 May 2010, these contradictory assessments - including an external expertise ordered by Berlin Airports – were discussed by the board of management of Berlin Airports.

The implications of the revision of the European Commission aviation security rules which came into effect on 29 April 2010.

The European Commission announced a revision of aviation safety rules which will allow airline passengers to carry drinks and other liquids on board in hand baggage as from April 2013. This will require the use of larger screening equipment than the scanners presently in use.

Before the new European legislation came into effect, meetings were held between Berlin Airports and the federal police in March and April 2010 with the aim of assessing the exact implications of the revised rules.

On 25 May 2010, Berlin Airports received from the federal police a concrete forecast of what the consequences of the new rules would be. The report came to the conclusion that the implementation of the rules would require double the amount of space in the BBI security screening area. This will create considerable space problems at the screening gates and will have a significant impact on the configuration of the BBI terminal.

Together with the BBI architects and the federal police, Berlin Airports is currently assessing the impact of the new hand baggage rules and is seeking solutions that are in line with the project’s timeframe and budget.

Report ordered

At the Berlin Airports’ supervisory board meeting on 26 March 2010, both of these issues – which at that point were not time-critical – were on the minutes and were discussed.

On 26 May 2010, the chairman of the supervisory board of Berlin Airports, Klaus Wowereit, asked the board of management to look into these two issues and submit a report providing sustainable solutions at the project committee meeting on 11 June 2010 to allow the supervisory board to make a decision on 25 June 2010.

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