Test run of the BBI power stations built by E.ON edis AG gets underway

14.06.10 11:11
€12.5 million to be invested in the Schoenefeld project in 2010
A symbolic press of a button on 14 June 2010 marked the start of the test run of the power stations built by E.ON edis AG for the Berlin Brandenburg International Airport BBI. With a powerful hum, the over 3,000-HP MTU engine with 20 cylinders jumped into action and started turning the 2.1 MW generator. The state-of-the-art generator is part of the E.ON edis AG power station complex on the grounds of the new BBI airport.

In future, BBI’s basic power load of around 8 MW of power will be provided by the E.ON edis AG power stations, which have four gas-powered combined heat and power modules. The highly efficient combined power-heat-cooling energy process will supply the new airport’s basic heating and cooling power needs. In the event of a power failure an emergency diesel generator with an output of more than 10 MW in the emergency power station will continue to supply electricity to run all essential facilities and systems at the airport. The test run started successfully right on schedule; the North-German utility company is well within all deadlines for the largest infrastructure project in the former east. E.ON edis is investing a total of €40 million in the Schoenefeld power station project.

Bernd Dubberstein, Chief Executive Officer of E.ON edis, praised his company’s work at the official start of the test run: “Our company has proved that as an experienced energy and infrastructure services provider we have the competence to tackle even the most demanding challenges, including power supplies to a state-of-the-art airport, both on schedule and in full compliance with all quality standards. In this project as in others, the superior problem-solving skills of our staff and our flexible structure are a guarantee for excellence.”

“For an airport the size of Berlin Brandenburg International, having access to a dependable, environmentally-friendly and cost-effective supply of CHP power, heat and cooling energy, as well as the secure provision of emergency power, is a decisive factor,” explained Manfred Körtgen, Managing Director of Operations/BBI at Berlin Airports. “With E.ON edis we have a strong and dependable partner, as the start of test operations today once more quite clearly shows.“

“While others doubted the future of the airport region, our regional utility company pitched in and provided essential energy technology and infrastructure to allow Schoenefeld and the entire region achieve sustainable economic growth,” said Udo Haase, mayor of Schoenefeld, praising E.ON edis AG as a dependable partner.

In the current year alone, the energy supplier, which has its headquarters in Fürstenwalde/Spree, Brandenburg, will be investing €12.5 million in the BBI site. As elsewhere in this landmark project, a major proportion of the work involved in this specific contract will be provided by enterprises based in Brandenburg and Mecklenburg-Vorpommern. Most of the structural engineering work, contracted to NCC Deutschland GmbH from Fürstenwalde, has been completed and it is now up to Energieanlagen Nord GmbH, Neubrandenburg, and ME-LE Energietechnik GmbH, Torgelow, to finish the work on the heating, cooling and CHP technology.

From July 2010, E.ON edis will be providing emergency power as planned, and from September 2010 the company will start providing heat to the present Schoenefeld Airport. In total, the power station complex consists of three modern and highly functional utility buildings. One very special technical feature of the complex is Germany’s third-largest cold water storage tank with a capacity of 3,500 m³. Outside of peak demand, the tank stores cold water and has a discharge performance of five megawatts at peak times. The storage tank has a diameter of 18 metres and a construction height of 14 metres, of which six metres are underground.

The BBI power stations will be operated 24 hours a day by the newly founded subsidiary E.ON edis Contracting GmbH. A team of twelve employees works for the company and a further twelve positions will be filled by staff from external service companies.

About E.ON edis

E.ON edis AG is one of the largest regional power companies in Germany. In Brandenburg and Mecklenburg-Vorpommern the company operates electricity and gas networks. With around 3000 employees, the E.ON edis Group is one of the biggest employers in the new federal states. The company also trains young people, and presently has 247 apprentices, including 61 from partner companies.

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