BBI Infomobile now touring Berlin, too

09.07.10 14:55
Detailed information on the capital region’s new airport / BBI Infomobile in the German capital until 17 July 2010
Berlin Airports’ BBI summer tour of Brandenburg was a complete success, attracting more than 10,000 Brandenburgers interested in the future BBI Airport to the BBI Infomobile at one of 18 locations between Prignitz and Uckermark, from Havelland to Lausitz. The BBI Infomobile is now ending its tour with a tour of Berlin until 17 July 2010.

“Berlin Airports’ BBI summer tour gives Brandenburgers the opportunity to find out all about the construction of the capital region’s new airport”, says Dr. Rainer Schwarz, CEO of Berlin Airports. “We are delighted with the great deal of interest shown by the people of Brandenburg. Special thanks goes to the mayors, district administrators and staff in the administrative sectors, who have actively supported us in coordinating the summer tour.”

The main focus of the tour was on job prospects at BBI and specific training opportunities around the future airport. Together with the employment agency and Trainico, a company headquartered in Berlin-Schoenefeld that offers basic and advanced aviation training, numerous info events and one-on-one talks were held at the BBI Infomobile.

“The aim of the summer tour was to inform the people of Brandenburg not only of the progress being made on BBI construction site”, says Schwarz. “But also of specific training and job opportunities, together with the employment agency and Trainico. The lively discussions and great deal of interest shown by Brandenburg pupils clearly show that BBI is a key economic driver for the capital region even before it opens. We have already scheduled the next BBI summer tour of Brandenburg for 2011.”

The BBI Infomobile will stop at the following locations in Berlin:

  • 9/10 July Spandau Arkaden
  • 12 July Hallen am Borsigturm
  • 13/14 July Potsdamer Platz
  • 15 July Gropius Passagen
  • 16/17 July Tegel Harbour Festival

Berlin Airports looks forward to welcoming you to the BBI Infomobile!

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