Passenger figures soar as the holidays begin

12.07.10 08:26
Busiest day in the history of Berlin Airports / Almost 90,000 passengers and 800 flights last Friday
Berlin Airports can look back on a successful start to the holidays last weekend, experiencing the busiest day in the history of the company on Friday: a total of 88,081 passengers were transported, 59,199 in Tegel and 28,882 in Schoenefeld, and 777 flights handled, 530 in Tegel and 247 in Schoenefeld. Despite this huge increase in passenger figures, traffic operated on schedule.

Dr. Rainer Schwarz, CEO of Berlin Airports, takes stock: “Never before have the people of Berlin and Brandenburg used their airports to such an extent as the starting point for their holidays, and been offered such a wide range of destinations to choose from. The airports were well prepared for the increase in traffic, showing that we are well positioned as a service-oriented company and well equipped to deal with the forecast increase in traffic this year.”

A total of 210,327 passengers were recorded at the Berlin airports, 72,589 in Schoenefeld and 137,738 in Tegel, and 1,855 flights handled, 616 in Schoenefeld and 1,239 in Tegel, between Friday and Sunday.

In comparison: in 2009, 25,153 passengers (18/10/2009) flew on the busiest day in Schoenefeld while 56,731 passengers (18/09/2009) were recorded in Tegel.

Traffic data is based on preliminary figures.

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