BBI noise protection programme: new deadlines for filing applications

15.07.10 08:59
13,600 applications already filed / Good response on the noise protection bus / Noise protection bus back on the road in autumn
As BBI is now scheduled to go into operation on 3 June 2010, new deadlines are in place for applications for noise protection measures: Berlin Airports would like to point out that all applications filed by 2 June 2011 – i.e. one year prior to the opening of BBI – will be processed and the necessary noise protection measures implemented before BBI goes into operation. Eligible residents can apply for noise protection until 2017, five years after BBI opens for business. Once an application has been filed, it will take approximately one year to implement the noise protection measures.

The way to noise protection

New deadlines, same procedures: the application process is clear, simple and transparent. Just six steps from filing an application to accounting:
  1. File an informal application
  2. Assess property for noise protection
  3. Cost reimbursement agreement (CRA)
  4. Hire construction firm
  5. Approve and assess eligibility for co-funding
  6. Settle invoice

The type and scope of entitlement is determined individually according to application. Qualified engineering companies examine each eligible property and the respective rooms eligible according to the day/night protection zone.

Noise protection bus back on tour

Over the last few weeks, the noise protection bus has provided detailed information on all issues relating to filing an application, sound-absorbing ventilators, areas eligible for protection/compensation and installation measures, thus highlighting the importance of this information service for residents. Between the end of April and the beginning of June, some 2,500 visitors took advantage of this special service offered by Berlin Airports. The BBI noise protection bus will therefore hit the road again this autumn and tour neighbouring communities, providing information on all issues relating to the noise protection programme. A list of locations and dates will be published after the summer break.

Basically, if you have any questions, just ask! Answers to all general and frequently asked questions can be found in the noise protection brochure, on the website www.berlin-airport.de or by contacting our staff at airportworld. Please contact your engineering company for detailed technical and individual advice.

Current application figures

So far, around 13,600 of the 25,500 households eligible have filed their applications for noise protection measures. Approximately 8,500 applications are currently being processed. Almost 400 cost reimbursement agreements have been signed by Berlin Airports and property owners, meaning the necessary noise protection measures can now be implemented.

Out of the 39 buildings entitled to noise protection measures, 30 applications have been filed for public buildings (kindergartens, schools, nursing homes, etc.). 26 applications are currently being processed. Three buildings have already received noise protection. Over the next few days and the summer holidays, a further five buildings are expected to be completed.

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