6th International Work Camp in the Zülow lowlands

26.07.10 10:18
Seventeen youngsters from nine nations start work as "Zülow carers" to protect the natural landscape in Rangsdorf, neighbouring on the new BBI Airport
For the sixth time in a row since 2005, three whole weeks of summer will be dedicated to the International Work Camp in Rangsdorf. This year’s 17 young participants, aged between 17 and 25, from China, South Korea, Russia, Estonia, Italy, France, Denmark, Armenia and Germany, will spend the next three weeks working together voluntarily in the natural landscape in Rangsdorf as “Zülow carers”.

A new section of path approx. 150 metres in length will be created along the water’s edge of Rangsdorf Lake, connecting the esplanade at the lido to the circular trail around the lake. Where until recently the remains of former duck coops could be found, this small piece of forest is now being returned to its former glory: tasks include constructing and erecting signs and benches, collecting refuse and putting up nesting boxes for the birds as well as, of course, caring for the area surrounding the stretch of path. This ties in with the work carried out in previous work camps and will help make Rangsdorf even more attractive as a gateway to the Zülow lowlands.

The biggest compensatory measure for the expansion of Schoenefeld Airport into Berlin Brandenburg International Airport (BBI) is being conducted in the Zülow lowlands – some 2,600 hectares of lowland and cultivated landscape between Mittenwalde, Dabendorf and Rangsdorf. The object is to upgrade the open lowlands, which are shaped by agriculture, and design the landscape in a more varied manner by means of smaller divisions of land use and an emphasis on existing structures. The compensatory measures should improve the living conditions for flora and fauna and therefore increase the quality of the Zülow lowlands. Berlin Airports is implementing a whole host of compensatory measures within the scope of expanding Schoenefeld Airport. These measures encompass the entire airport. For example, planting new trees for every tree felled, creating a replacement for every sealed area.

The Landschaftspflegverein Mittelbrandenburg e.V. (Central Brandenburg Association of Rural Conservation) has organised the International Work Camp in conjunction with Internationale Jugendgemeinschaftsdienste (ijgd) (Association for International Youth Community Projects) since 2005. Markus Mohn of Landschaftspflegeverein Mittelbrandenburg: “It’s fantastic how every year our visitors help to expand Rangsdorf’s network of paths. Equally important and exciting is how young people from a multitude of nations with different languages and cultures can have so much fun together and take such an interest in one another. It unites them!”

Once again this year, the youth movement is being sponsored by Berlin Airports, which is committed to enhancing the natural and cultivated landscape in the region in the long term as part of the statutory conservation measures for building BBI Airport. The main focus here is on the Zülow lowlands. The work camp also includes a visit to the construction site of the new Capital Airport BBI, enabling participants to see at first hand how work is progressing.

The work camp is running until 15 August. Media representatives are cordially invited to visit the work camp and talk to the youngsters about the landscape conservation work they are doing. A separate invitation will be sent for the closing event, where the fruits of their labour will be presented.

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