A spectacular course – 4th AirportRun goes right across the new runway

29.07.10 11:10
Half-marathon and 10-kilometre race across the BBI construction site
Past the new terminal and the 72-metre-high tower, across the new runway and without a hard hat, protective jacket or safety boots – the 4th AirportRun on 21 August is offering all running enthusiasts in Berlin and Brandenburg the opportunity to see Europe’s biggest airport construction site for themselves. Over 800 runners and power walkers have already registered for this sporting event. Participants can choose between a 10-kilometre course (approx. 6.2 miles) and a half-marathon of 21.0975 km (approx. 13.1 miles). This year’s run includes the first bambini course for little runners. The 4th AirportRun is being organised by Berlin Airports in cooperation with Berlin läuft GmbH.

This time, the race starts right on the BBI construction site. First, participants will run across the new four-kilometre-long runway, then right past the terminal and the 72-metre-high tower towards Selchow. The course will then take runners for the most part across the newly laid BBI construction roads and over the new main roads around Selchow to Schoenefeld before heading back to the finish, the BBI Infotower. Here participants will be greeted with a programme of events including music, an awards ceremony and a tombola. There’s also something for spectators too at the BBI Infotower: it promises to be an eventful day for everyone with tours of the construction site, a ballet of diggers and attractions for kids of all ages.

Participants can register for this year’s event at the BBI Infotower, where the exact registration point will be signposted. This is also where the changing tents and start and finishing areas will be located.

The closing date for registration for the 4th AirportRun is 15 August 2010. Last-minute registrations will be taken on the day of the event from 6 a.m. onwards until shortly before the run starts at 9 a.m.

Berlin Airports recommends travelling to the AirportRun by public transport, as parking spaces on site are limited. Free shuttle buses will be running every 20 minutes from the S-Bahn train stations Schoenefeld and Gruenau to the Infotower between 7 a.m. and 6.30 p.m.

For more information on the 4th AirportRun, visit: www.berlin-airport.de or www.berlin-laueft.de.

An area the size of 2,000 football pitches, rolling excavators, thousands of construction workers – the BBI construction site is the biggest and most exciting construction site in the capital region and the biggest airport construction site in Europe. In keeping with our motto, “We build, you watch”, Berlin Airports is inviting all those interested to visit the construction site. Our site marketing includes a broad range of entertainment and information activities – from the BBI Infotower to guided tours of the construction site and the “A day at the airport” holiday promotion for children. You can also follow the progress on site from your own home on the Internet via our webcam and construction site diary. For more information, visit www.berlin-airport.de.

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