Concrete cast for the final bridge

12.08.10 11:32
BBI road network on schedule / Over 22 kilometres of roads already built / More than 30 kilometres of roads for BBI in total / Excellently linked to the public road network
Today at the new Berlin Brandenburg International Airport BBI the concrete was cast for the last of nine road bridges. Passengers and visitors will drive over the 50-metre prestressed concrete bridge to access the BBI terminal and the Airport City, which is situated in front of the terminal.

“This efficient road network puts BBI within easy and fast reach of the city centre of Berlin”, said Ralf Kunkel, Berlin Airports’ press spokesman. “The direct link to the external motorway ring also means short driving times to eastern and northern Germany and the west of Poland.”

Surface access to the new airport for the region around Germany’s capital has been planned to provide supreme accessibility for motorists. The new airport has its own dedicated motorway access to the A 133 motorway, which takes motorists direct to the city centre and the Berlin Ring A 10. The B 96a dual carriageway, which runs parallel to the motorway, gives the new airport a second road to the city.

To ensure swift and easy access to all the different areas of the airport, the road network at BBI will channel passenger, delivery and cargo traffic into different streams in a central junction in front of the terminal access road. Passengers are guided directly to the terminal via a counter-clockwise ring road. Cargo and delivery traffic have a separate access road which takes these streams to the appropriate service areas of the airport, e.g. to supply goods to the shops at the BBI Marketplace. Visitors and employees will be able to access the Airport City via a ring road that runs parallel to the terminal access road.

In total, more than 30 kilometres of roads are being built at BBI, including 22.6 kilometres of main roads and 6.2 kilometres of secondary roads. To do this, over 600,000 cubic metres of earth have been moved and 117,000 cubic metres of gravel substrate and 146,000 tons of asphalt have been laid.

Since October 2007, nine bridges with span widths of up to 137 metres have been built. One of the most important parts of the road infrastructure at BBI is the terminal access road, which is over one kilometre long and which streams vehicles on to two levels for inbound and outbound traffic. The structure consists of 11 separate bridge segments and an access ramp system which also consists of 11 individual structures.

A site the size of 2,000 football pitches, busy diggers and thousands of workers – the BBI building site is currently the biggest and certainly the most exciting in the Berlin region, as well as being Europe’s largest airport construction site. Under the motto “We build, you watch”, Berlin Airports welcomes visitors to the site. A wide choice of information and entertainment services, including the BBI Infotower and the “A Day At The Airport” school holiday programme, rounds off the site marketing activities. You can also follow the progress at the site from the comfort of your own home – with our webcam and building site diary. For more details, visit www.berlin-airport.de.

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