17 youngsters, nine nations and 150 metres of shoreline paths at Rangsdorf Lake

12.08.10 11:28
The International Workcamp 2010 finishes / 17 young “Zülow Carers“ from nine nations open the new path
The participants - known as the “Zülow Carers” - of the 6th International Workcamp 2010 in Rangsdorf today proudly and with aching muscles opened a new section of shoreline pathway around Rangsdorf Lake. The 17 young participants, who had come from Armenia, China, Denmark, Germany, Estonia, France, Italy, South Korea and Russia, presented the results of their three-week voluntary work to upgrade the natural landscape in the local recreation area of Rangsdorf.

A new section of path approx. 150 metres in length along the shores of Rangsdorf Lake now connects the esplanade at the lido to the circular trail around the lake at Klein Venedig. This section of path opens up new perspectives around the lake and adds an appealing new trail to the choice of walks through Rangsdorf. Around ten tons of sand and grit were shovelled by hand, moved by wheelbarrow and rolled flat to form the new path; several cubic metres of refuse and debris were removed from the forest. New nesting boxes have been put up for the birds; a new hedge offers a habitat for small animals. New benches have been erected for the walkers, and the trails are signposted with hand-made signs.

For the 17 youngsters, it was worth putting up with aching muscles, sweat and a few insect bites: after three fun and exciting weeks in Berlin and Brandenburg, packed with new friendships, the thrill of meeting young people from all over the world and experiencing other cultures, languages and cuisines, the 17 youngsters returned to their native countries.

The nine girls and eight boys were supported in their work by the Conservation Society and the Forestry Commission. In their leisure time they played beach volleyball and football, went swimming at Rangsdorf Kiessee, enjoyed excursions to Berlin and Potsdam and were taken to visit the building site for the new Berlin Brandenburg International Airport BBI.

This was the sixth time that the Landschaftspflegeverein Mittelbrandenburg e.V. (Central Brandenburg Association of Rural Conservation) and the Internationale Jugendgemeinschaftsdienste (ijgd) (Association for International Youth Community Projects) had organised the International Workcamp. This international encounter is sponsored by Berlin Airports. While expanding Schoenefeld Airport to become BBI, Berlin Airports is implementing a number of compensation and mitigation measures, which enclose the new airport like a green band. For instance, new trees are being planted for every tree that is felled, and a replacement is created for every area that is sealed. In addition, biotope monitoring prevents disruptions to the area during construction. As part of the expansion project, the airport is committed to a long-term upgrade of the natural and cultivated area; these compensation measures focus specifically on Rangsdorf as the gateway to the Zülow lowlands.

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