Spreewald speciality takes off from Berlin

18.08.10 11:39
Here’s a surprise that’s sure to get travellers in a pickle: from today, Germany’s popular “Spreewaldgurken” – a pickled gherkin speciality from the Berlin region – will be flying to all corners of the globe. Visitors who have just enjoyed a holiday or a city break in Berlin and Brandenburg will find these tangy treats on sale at the Travel Value & Duty Free Shops in the departure areas, where they make the perfect edible souvenir for family and friends back home. As Michael Klagge, Manager of the Travel Value & Duty Free Shops at Gebr. Heinemann, explains: “Regional goods give our airport product range a distinctive identity. We have sought out the items that best represent Berlin and Brandenburg so that passengers can take a piece of the region home with them.” And because it could be a bit of a struggle to get a whole jar of pickled gherkins into a carry-on bag, Gebr. Heinemann are selling real Spreewald gherkins individually packed in stylish black and green cans. “Get One!” is the highly appropriate name of this tasty Spreewaldhof speciality, which already enjoys cult status in Germany.

Spreewaldhof, which is only a 35-minute drive from the airport, has been making premium pickled gherkins for more than 60 years. The “Get One!” gherkins are produced and canned here in the region. Only choice gherkins that were grown and processed in the Spreewald region and fulfil high quality standards are allowed to be called Spreewald gherkins.

A core element in Berlin Airports’ retail philosophy is to ensure that the ranges at Tegel and Schoenefeld Airports, and at BBI when it opens in June 2012, showcase the region’s products and culinary traditions. Berlin Airports aims to offer a distinctive and uniquely appealing mix of top international brands alongside popular domestic and regional products. Dr. Norbert Minhorst, Regional Director of Non Aviation at Berlin Airports: “Last year, we selected Gebr. Heinemann to operate the duty free/duty paid shops at the new Berlin Brandenburg International Airport BBI. One of the aspects we particularly liked about their concept was its strong focus on regional products, offering passengers a wide selection of goods from Berlin and Brandenburg. Spreewald gherkins are already on sale at Tegel and Schoenefeld. There are few other products that embody the region’s rich culinary diversity so well, and it is a product that is quite deservedly famous and popular all over Germany.”

“Having a new and expanded Heinemann Duty Free shop at Berlin-Brandenburg International, which is currently being built, means we can expand our range of regional products”, says Michael Klagge, looking to the future. “For this range the Berlin-based architects Graft designed an eye-catching retail area at the centre of our shop, where travellers will find appealing specialities, fashion and modern souvenirs from Berlin and Brandenburg.” These will include “Ampelmännchen” gummi bears, Spree Pebble candies, Rotkäppchen sparkling wine and chocolates by the traditional Berlin chocolate maker Rausch. Starting in December the Travel Value & Duty Free shops at Tegel and Schoenefeld will start offering a taste of what’s to come at the new BBI Airport: both of these stores are being redesigned to reflect the new brand concept and will be renamed “Heinemann Duty Free”. In addition to the new look, the stores will offer more services for customers, including a phone and online advance ordering service.

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