Investor builds large maintenance hangar at BBI

31.08.10 11:46

Harder & Partner invests in BBI / 12,000 m2 maintenance hangar for Air Berlin and Germania



Heidelberg property investor Harder & Partner is building a 12,000 m2 maintenance hangar at the future Capital Airport BBI. A land contract with hereditary building rights for 60 years has now been concluded between Harder & Partner and Berlin Airports, and rental agreements have been signed by the airlines Air Berlin and Germania. Two-thirds of the hangar will be used by Air Berlin, the remaining third by Germania. Located to the west of BBI, the maintenance hangar will provide space for at least six Airbus A319s/A320s or two A330s. An additional 5,000 m2 of office, storage and workshop space is also being created and let to the two airlines. Ownership of the 26,600 m2 property will be transferred to Harder & Partner in November 2010. The hangar will be completed in time for the opening of BBI on 3 June 2012. “By investing in BBI, Harder & Partner is making a key contribution to the location’s development. Building a maintenance hangar will support the flight operations of Air Berlin and Germania as well as significantly help Air Berlin to fulfil its role as a hub at BBI”, said Dr. Manfred A. Körtgen, COO of Berlin Airports.

“The new technical hangar will offer sufficient space for us to maintain not only our short and medium-haul aircraft, but also our long-haul fleet at Berlin”, said Christoph Debus, Chief Commercial Officer at Air Berlin. “In this respect, BBI is now providing the perfect conditions, also in terms of maintenance, for expanding our Berlin hub.”

“This step underlines Germania’s clear commitment to Berlin as a location and its new Capital Airport”, confirmed CEO Axel Trampnau. “We look forward to doing business with the airport, Harder & Partner and Air Berlin.”

All parties have agreed not to disclose the cost of the project development.

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