This Year’s Trainees Begin Working Life at Berlin Airports

02.09.10 12:14
Twenty-one young people began their apprenticeship with Berlin Airports in early August. At the same time, another roughly 30 new trainees joined one of the companies that have set up at Schoenefeld Airport. This year, Berlin Airports alone received applications from 1300 young candidates. At present, Berlin Airports employs a total of 74 apprentices and BA students in different years of training.

“The airports and their periphery not only offer a wide range of jobs, but also interesting and exciting apprenticeships in virtually every sector. By providing vocational training, our company fulfils its social responsibility to enable school leavers to earn a qualification,” says Prof. Dr. Rainer Schwarz, CEO of Berlin Airports.

Edelgard Woythe, who heads Potsdam’s Department of Employment, has this advice for would-be trainees: “If you are looking for a job in aviation, you should apply early. The deadlines for the coveted trainee places for autumn 2011 will be up in only a few weeks’ time. The careers advice office of the Employment Department will be happy to talk to all interested school leavers personally and give them the advice they seek.“

This year’s new trainees started their three to three-and-a-half-year apprenticeship at Berlin Airports by getting to know the many facets of the company as well as their co-workers. In addition to attending seminars together that focused on boosting social competence and on personal development, they also went on a trainee outing with the other new apprentices.

Fourteen of the new trainees are pursuing a classic apprenticeship on the commercial side of operations as aviation administrators and office administrators. During their three-year training period, they will gain experience in a variety of departments, where they will have the opportunity to acquaint themselves with every aspect of modern airport management. In addition, the apprentice aviation administrators will gain an insight into the operative side of an airport, for example in passenger check-in and aircraft ground handling services.

Future information system technicians and mechatronics technicians have a three-and-a-half-year apprenticeship ahead of them. They will spend most of their time in the airport’s technical departments. Before any of them move into their specialist field, however, they will all receive basic training in the general work of an information system technician/mechatronics technician.

The seven BA students, whose variously specialise in information systems, business administration/facility management and business administration/industry, will alternately devote three months at a time to academic studies at the Berufsakademie Berlin, and three on practice-related training at Berlin Airports. On completing their three-year course of study, they will receive a Bachelor degree.

In response to the lively interest in apprenticeships at and around the airport, the Potsdam Department of Employment and Berlin Airports jointly organise an aviation training and study day every year. This year 1200 visitors came to airportworld bbi for the event, which was held on 30 April. Twenty companies, colleges and universities came along to inform visitors about the training opportunities they offer.

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