Vier Jahre Bauarbeiten am neuen Flughafen für die Hauptstadtregion

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Erster Spatenstich am 5. September 2006 / Das wichtigste Zukunftsprojekt Berlin-Brandenburgs wird mit Leben erfüllt / Ausblick auf 2011 und 2012
Four years ago, on 5 September 2006, work officially began on the BBI construction site. Previously, visitors were only able to look out over sandy spaces and fields; but now the new runway and the new tower for air traffic control are showing how a new airport is taking shape. In less than two years, on 3 June 2012, the first plane will take off from the new Capital Airport.

Prof. Rainer Schwarz, CEO of Berlin Airports: "The most important project for the future in the capital region, the Airport BBI, is quickly taking shape and is coming to life. Since construction officially began, major milestones have been achieved. The high point so far was the topping-out ceremony for the terminal last May. Even today, Berlin is turning into an attractive hub for air traffic with new routes and airlines plus increasing numbers of passengers. With the BBI, we can climb into the top ten of European airport locations."

Dr Manfred A. Körtgen, Managing Director of Operations/BBI at Berlin Airports: "The project is a masterpiece of construction logistics. Once the initial ground work had been completed, like the building of the railway station, the airport gradually began to grow out of the ground. Now the terminal has been built, everyone can clearly see that an airport is taking shape. In 2011 most of the buildings will have been completed to such an extent that trial operation can commence as planned. After this probationary period of six months, the airport can take up operation on 3 June 2012."

2006: The official start On 5 September 2006, the ground work for the construction site commenced: Berlin's governing mayor, Klaus Wowereit, Minister-President of the State of Brandenburg, Matthias Platzeck, former Minister of Transport, Wolfgang Tiefensee, and the management of Berlin Airports together broke the ground to officially launch construction for the new Berlin Airport BBI. After the planning and approval processes, it is obvious to everyone: the new airport is on its way.

2007: The year of the first extensive construction work for BBI

Swinging cranes, rolling excavators, flowing concrete: the newly opened BBI Infotower has turned the building site into a sightseeing site. The focus of construction work is to build the underground railway station. The initial construction projects are completed on schedule, among these the runway connections to the future northern BBI runway. The BBI concrete factory is extended for the first time in summer 2007.

2008: First milestones passed

In June, work on the 185-metre-long section of the shell for the railway station is completed on schedule. This section forms the foundation for the BBI Terminal. On 11 July 2008 the go-ahead is given for work on the BBI Terminal. This is a decisive milestone on the way to BBI – the heart of the airport is now being erected. As the gap to the A113 motorway closes, Schönefeld finally becomes a city airport. The time it takes to travel from Ku’damm to Schönefeld is reduced to 25 minutes; the BBI is now optimally connected to the motorway network. In June, the station and the eastern tunnel are handed over to Deutsche Bahn on time. The first successes come in marketing space on the BBI site: SEGRO and ANH Hausbesitz GmbH & Co. KG buy space in the Business Park Berlin. After more than 80 years, air traffic ceases at Tempelhof airport on 30 October 2008. Berlin Airports is taking a great step forward towards implementing this major future project in the German capital region by closing down the airport and focusing air traffic on the new Capital Airport Berlin Brandenburg International (BBI).

2009: The airport's face is moulded

After three years of construction, the site for the new Capital Airport BBI offers a completely different picture than previously. Until recently only visible for planners and architects, the terminal is now growing out of the ground for everyone to see. At the end of August erection of the steel construction for the terminal roof begins, the shell of the north pier has already been completed and work on the south pier and on the aprons, taxiway systems and the new runways is progressing at a fast pace.

2010: The airport is brought to life

With the topping-out ceremony for the BBI Terminal on 7 May yet another major milestone is reached on Europe's largest airport construction site. The shell for the BBI Terminal is finished. The underground railway complex is also handed over on time. In June, the BBI power station is commissioned for trial operation. In July the new data-processing centre for BBI is taken into operation. Other important milestones are to follow: completion of the shell for the south pier and installation of the first jetways. A vital question is, of course, which destinations can be reached from BBI. Three new long-haul routes with Air Berlin, starting with the 2010 winter flight schedule, to Dubai, Miami and Mombasa show how well Berlin has been accepted. Alongside attractive routes, the new Capital Airport additionally aims to offer passengers and visitors high recreational quality. The first 23 tenants for gastronomy at BBI have signed up.

Prospects for 2011 and 2012: The countdown has started

In 2011 the clock will start going backwards because the opening of the new Capital Airport will be only one year away. The trial runs are also being launched at the end of 2011. Important milestones are completion of the Fire Station West and Fire Station East, the winter service centre and the operational buildings, the access checkpoints, the corporate filling stations, the security services building and ground traffic services plus the multi-storey car parks in the Airport City and the rental car centre. In addition, construction of the pavilion for additional security checkpoints will begin. In 2012 the air-side constructions, the hangars for Air Berlin and Germania as well as for Lufthansa, hotels and offices in the Airport City and the freight centre will be completed. Work on the interior of the passenger terminal will be concluded. Also, the outer spaces and green areas will be finished in 2012. On top of this, the final gap in the connection to the B96a will be closed.

Current state of construction


The BBI Terminal is the heart of the new airport. The topping-out ceremony was held on 7 Mai 2010. Now the shell of the BBI Terminal has been completed, the next step is to finish interior work. In July 2008, the go-ahead was received for construction work on the BBI Terminal. Up to 900 builders and more than 30 giant cranes were in full swing on the terminal site. Used in total for the 220-metre-long, 180-metre-wide and 32-metre-high terminal were 156,000 cubic metres of concrete and more than 30,000 tons of steel. The steel construction for the terminal roof was ready to go at the end of August 2009. The total weight of all steel parts necessary for the terminal amounts to around 10,000 tons; the heaviest single part weighs in at 123 tons. As a comparison: the Eiffel Tower weighs 7,000 tons.

Railway station

Berlin Airports handed over the western rail tunnel and, with this, the last section of the underground BBI station complex, punctually on the planned date of completion to DB Netz AG. Deutsche Bahn has already started technical installation on the underground section. The station's three platforms have been erected, three kilometres of track have been laid and the first construction wagons are already driving into the station.

Air traffic areas

Concreting work on the new 4,000-metre-long runway, the aprons and taxiway systems has been concluded apart from an apron extension at the DFS airport tower and remaining areas of the terminal. In total, more than 1.3 million square metres of concrete show where, in future, aeroplanes will be taking off, landing and parking.

DFS airport tower

In November 2009 the topping-out ceremony was held for Deutsche Flugsicherung's new control tower at the future BBI airport. At 72 metres, the BBI airport tower will become the second highest DFS control tower in Germany. According to current projections, 250,000 aircraft per year, an average of 700 daily, will receive take-off and landing permission from the tower after its completion.

Fire stations

The shell of the Fire Station West was completed in June 2010. Apart from the control centre of the airport fire department, the airport control centre, the emergency services control centre, the security control centre and the technical control centre will also be housed here. The shell for the Fire Station East was also finished in June 2010. The station contains three vehicle halls with 14 parking spaces for fire engines. Its purpose is not only to provide fire protection for aircraft but primarily to prevent fires in the terminal building.

Technical maintenance

The shell of the technical maintenance building was completed in June 2010. It will provide administrative departments for technical facility management, aviation, and information and communication technology, and will contain workshops and the main data-processing centre for the new airport.

Water supply and disposal

The supply and disposal infrastructure for the BBI site was largely installed in 2009 in line with the latest environmental standards. In 2010, the networks will be finalised and completed. The first drinking water line for BBI has been in place since October 2009 and can supply an average consumption of 2,000 cubic metres of drinking water per day, i.e. enough for a small city with 21,000 inhabitants.


June 2010 will see trial operation being taken up in the nine power stations for BBI. These state-of-the-art buildings and facilities will in future supply the Airport BBI with heating, cooling and power from a combined heat and power unit (CHP) as well as emergency power.

Tendering and awards

The construction of the airport has been a huge success for the local economy, even before the opening of the new Capital Airport BBI. So far, more than 300 companies from the Berlin-Brandenburg region have been able to secure contracts for BBI as a result of tender notifications. In terms of value, almost two-thirds of all contracts have gone to regional companies. In December 2009, the €1 billion mark was passed for contracts awarded to regional companies. By August 2010 the total contract value amounted to 1.98 billion euros.

Photo and video material

Members of the media will find more material on "Four years of construction work on BBI" on the Berlin Airports website at www.berlin-airport.de

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