Bavarian investor builds offices at BBI

21.09.10 09:39
Berlin Airports sells more space in the Business Park Berlin / 16,000 m2 sold in the attractive entry area
Marketing of the Business Park Berlin is progressing. Berlin Airports has sold 16,000 m2 to Nuremberg project developer PROJECT PI Immobilien AG. The plot is situated in a prominent location in the entry area of the Business Park Berlin, right on the intersection between the B96a/Alexander-Meissner-Strasse and Alexander-Meissner-Strasse/Ludwig-Prandtl-Strasse. The PROJECT Immobilien Group plans to develop four business premises with a gross floor area of around 38,000 m2. All parties have agreed not to disclose the purchase price. “We are delighted to have acquired yet another partner for the Business Park Berlin. By investing in the new airport, the PROJECT Immobilien Group has shown how appealing the airport project is. The Business Park Berlin is and will remain one of the most attractive investment areas at BBI”, said Prof. Dr. Rainer Schwarz, CEO of Berlin Airports. “Situated in a prominent location in the business and industrial park right next to the new BBI Airport, the Business Park Berlin is one of the most interesting business projects currently being developed in Berlin. We are delighted to be able to make a significant contribution to the development, and to be part of it right from the start. Thanks to previous successful project developments by the PROJECT Immobilien Group, we are regarded as an interesting and reliable partner for investors. We will utilise and develop the market opportunities presented by such a major business and industrial park as the Business Park Berlin to the benefit of our investors. An interesting and appealing concept forms the basis for the attractive location of the commercial space of the PROJECT Immobilien Group,” said Jürgen Seeberger, Chairman of the Board of PROJECT PI Immobilien AG. The PROJECT Immobilien Group specialises in developing residential and commercial property in selected metropolitan regions statewide. Thanks to a network of subsidiaries with extensive local know-how, the Group is able to see property projects through from purchase to successful placement. Berlin’s biggest continuous industrial and commercial park

The BBI Business Park Berlin is Berlin’s biggest continuous industrial and commercial park, right on the new Capital Airport BBI. The generously landscaped area offers customised, fully consolidated plots for all kinds of companies. Developers, investors and interested companies have a wide range of sites at their disposal.

First-class connecting infrastructure

Besides direct access to the airport, another positive feature of the BBI Business Park Berlin is its exceptional transport connections. Access is granted via the B96a. The BBI Business Park Berlin is integrated into the main road network via the nearby junction of the A113 motorway – linked to the A100 city ring in the north and the A10 Berlin motorway ring in the south. The terminal and main-line railway station are just a few minutes away on the S-Bahn.

First development phase completed

The first development phase – including a four-lane main development road, the Alexander Meissner-Strasse and parts of the Ludwig-Prandtl-Strasse running parallel to the B96a – was completed in late 2009 and handed over to the Treptow-Köpenick district of Berlin. The second development phase is scheduled to begin in mid 2011. The third and fourth development phases are expected to begin around 2013. The total development of the BBI Business Park Berlin will be carried out in four phases and will gradually lead to the development and sale of available plots.
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