8th Dialogue Forum Airport Berlin Brandenburg

15.10.10 12:09
The 8th Dialogue Forum Airport Berlin Brandenburg convenes today. In January 2009, responsibility for the supervision of the Dialogue Forum was handed over to the region and in May 2009 the Forum’s members asked Wolfram Hülsemann to act as its moderator.
The function of the Dialogue Forum is to represent and balance the interests of the neighbouring communities and districts, the environment and the airport; it is committed to making mutually satisfactory decisions that serve to develop and enhance the region around the airport. In future, the Dialogue Forum plenum will meet twice a year. Today’s meeting was preceded by 16 months of hard work. Regular meetings took place between the working committee, which acts as a steering group, and the specialist working groups.

The following motions were proposed for consideration at today’s meeting:

  • Carl Ahlgrimm, mayor of the Großbeeren community, is to be appointed vice chairman and vice moderator of the Dialogue Forum.
  • The basic principles of a compensation programme for the surrounding communities to counteract the disadvantages of the new BBI airport are to be discussed. As a next step, an expertise on the regional economy is to be commissioned which shall also include comparisons with other airports.
  • The Dialogue Forum Airport Berlin Brandenburg asks both federal states to assess the potential and feasibility of current health protection research programmes and surveys conducted by the relevant authorities in collaboration with the administrative districts, and furthermore to consider the applicability of such studies to the work of the Dialogue Forum. The results are to be presented in spring 2011.
  • The Dialogue Forum welcomes and supports the development of a compensation area pool under the executive management of the Area Development Company GmbH (BADC). In the coming months the focus will be on preparing compensation plans for the anticipated building activities which the economic situation is expected to trigger, thus causing a greater impact on the areas and environment around the airport; these measures are to be integrated in the higher level open space planning process. To accomplish this an inter-municipal compensation area pool is to be set up for urban land-use planning and other mitigation measures are to be initiated.
  • The town of Königs Wusterhausen, the communities of Rangsdorf and Zeuthen, which are all already members of the Dialogue Forum, are to become full members of the working committee.

Wolfram Hülsemann, chairman and moderator of the Dialogue Forum, stated: “For me, all the tangible efforts that I have observed in our negotiations and discussions so far to achieve a clear, factual focus and the impressive ability of our members to approach existing conflicts in a solution-oriented manner and with great fundamental respect for the role and the responsibilities of the ‘other side’ are an excellent example of living democratic culture.”

After a year of successful work by the Dialogue Forum, the federal states of Berlin and Brandenburg agree that handing the development of the area around the airport over to the region was a good decision.

“Today’s resolutions show that the Dialogue Forum has made a great contribution to promoting the reconciliation of interests in the region”, said Infrastructure Minister Jörg Vogelsänger. “The joint structural concept gives us all a good planning basis for the necessary inter-municipal cooperation. The state of Brandenburg remains committed to supporting the work of the Dialogue Forum.” The Senator for Urban Planning, Ingeborg Junge-Reyer, stated: “The state of Berlin welcomes the results of the dialogue process that started in 2009. The Dialogue Forum is making an important contribution to communication and transparency in the region, and is driving forward our joint efforts to ensure the balanced development of the area around the airport. All members have shown that they are willing to accept compromise in order to achieve a sustainable balance of interests. All advantages and disadvantages must be discussed openly and honestly, and a rational, mutually acceptable compensation plan must be identified.” “I thank everyone involved for their great efforts and work in the past year”, said Professor Dr. Rainer Schwarz, Chief Executive Officer of Berlin Airports. “I know that it is not always easy to come to a unanimous decision. It is also thanks to our moderator, Wolfram Hülseman, that we have succeeded in doing this in many important issues. As the airport operator, we attach great importance to building and maintaining a good relationship with our neighbours. We are fully aware of the responsibilities this entails.” The focus of the work of the Dialogue Forum is on balancing and reconciling the different interests of the communities and the airport operating company, and also the different interests of the individual communities. The Forum’s main target is to take all the factually valid and yet divergent interests into account and to work together towards developing acceptable solutions for a wide variety of issues. Mayors, councillors and the representatives of public authorities cooperate closely and contribute not only by asking valid questions, but also by voicing concerns and proposing highly competent solutions to specific problems in this region. The airport operating company and its stakeholders are also committed to working with all those involved to find answers to the sometimes very complex problems and requirements. Some important decisions have been taken, and other issues are still pending resolution.

About the Dialogue Forum

Under the lead management of the Joint Federal State Planning Office for Berlin and Brandenburg, which is part of the Senate Department for Urban Planning in Berlin, a Dialogue Forum was set up in 2006. The result of two years of work within this forum was the Joint Structure Concept for the BBI Airport Environment (GSK FU BBI) and several in-depth investigations. The GSK FU BBI provides an excellent and very sound basis which gives the local communities and investors a high degree of planning security as well as clearly pinpointing the potential and the development obstacles in the region. Since 2009, the Dialogue Forum, which is funded by Berlin Airports, has been managed by regional representatives and is chaired by an external moderator.
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