Cochstedt Airfield is prohibited from using Berlin in its name

04.11.10 15:32
Berlin Airports has been granted an injunction with immediate effect to prevent Cochstedt Airfield from trading under a new name. As previously announced, the operators of the airfield, which is 200 km distance from Berlin, were planning to operate the airfield under the new name Magdeburg-Berlin International.

The Berlin district court has ruled in favour of Berlin Airports, which had argued that the new name of Cochstedt Airfield was misleading for passengers and represented a distortion of competition.

In its injunction ruling, the court agreed with the following concerns raised by Berlin Airports:

  1. The name Magdeburg-Berlin International suggests a geographic proximity to the capital city, which in light of the fact that it is actually 200 km distance from Berlin, is misleading for passengers. The airfield is, in fact, a two-hour drive from Berlin. The airfield is not connected to the railway network.
  2. The name Magdeburg-Berlin International misleadingly suggests that the airfield and the services it offers are larger and more international than is the case. At this point in time, Cochstedt Airfield neither offers flights to international destinations nor do any regular scheduled services depart from the airfield. Cochstedt airfield mainly serves as an airfield for light aircraft.

Cochstedt Airfield has the right to appeal against this injunction.

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