Berlin Airports appoints anti-corruption ombudswoman

11.11.10 09:33
New position will ensure greater transparency and will help to prevent corruption / New anti-corruption officer also announced
Berlin Airports has appointed the Berlin lawyer Elke Schaefer as its ombudswoman to help combat corruption.

As an external and independent ombudswoman, Elke Schaefer will be advising and supporting the company’s employees and business partners. She will be investigating reports and possible instances of dishonest dealings (e.g. corruption, fraud, business crime or embezzlement).

Staff of Berlin airports and external third parties, including contractors, service providers and business partners, who suspect corruption or have any questions will be able to contact the ombudswoman or the anti-corruption officer at Berlin Airports. This latter position is currently held by the head of internal auditing at Berlin Airports, Hans-Günter Zerbe, in addition to his ordinary duties.

Since the beginning of 2005, Berlin Airports has successfully worked with Transparency International to monitor the tender process for the construction of the new BBI Airport. The two new positions see Berlin Airports sending a clear message for more transparency and stricter fraud prevention within the company.

Elke Schaefer can be contacted through her office at Kurfürstendamm 178/179, 10707 Berlin, by phone on weekdays from 9.00am to 6.00pm on 0049 (0) 30/887 194 927, by fax on 0049 (0) 30/887 194 911 or by email to berlinerflughaefen@ra-elkeschaefer.de.

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