Press release ADV: Winter services working round the clock at German airports

09.12.10 12:15
The extreme weather conditions have brought severe disruption to air traffic throughout Europe. German airports have also been affected.
The German Airport Association (ADV) issued the following statement: The winter services at Germany’s airports have stockpiled materials and increased the technical equipment and manpower on call to ensure that the disruption to air traffic caused by snow and ice is kept to a minimum for passengers. In the winter months, extra shifts and 24-hour on-call duty become standard at German airports.

Aircraft de-icing can result in unpredictable delays at some airports. These delays are unpredictable not because of the procedures at the airport, but due to delivery bottlenecks at the few companies which specialise in supplying de-icing fluids. These delivery bottlenecks are a European problem.

Despite the great efforts made by the airports to maintain normal operations, sometimes delays and cancellations are unavoidable due to the fact that capacities are downscaled in response to the weather conditions. These capacity restrictions are essential to ensure the safety of operations.

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