Air traffic returns to normal at Berlin Airports

10.12.10 14:21
Less delays and cancellations / De-icer back in supply / 350 flights cancelled on Thursday
Following severe disruptions on Thursday, traffic at Berlin Airports is returning to normal. “We are expecting normal operations to resume sometime this afternoon and to see a continuous drop in the number of delays”, said airport spokesman Ralf Kunkel, concluding that “On Thursday, a total of 350 flights had to be cancelled due to the continuing bad weather and as a result of bottlenecks in de-icing fluid. As things stand, approx. 50 flights will be cancelled during the course of today.”

De-icer back in supply

Deliveries of outstanding supplies of de-icer managed to reach Berlin Airports again on Thursday afternoon, despite continuing to prove problematic Europe-wide.

Advice for passengers

Berlin Airports recommends that passengers contact their airline or tour operator in good time in cases of extreme weather, to obtain information as to if and how their flight is affected by the winter weather.

Website fully functional again

On Thursday, Berlin Airports managed to solve the temporary problems it has been experiencing with its website www.berlin-airport.de. The server is now fully functional and full service has been resumed. Both the website and the hotline of Berlin Airports have been experiencing huge traffic over the last few days: almost eight times as many people called the hotline on Thursday alone.
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