Records: 15 million passengers in Tegel, seven million passengers in Schoenefeld

10.01.11 10:50
All-time high of more than 22 million passengers at the Berlin airports / 6.4 per cent increase in traffic / Berlin Airports better than the national average for the eighth year in a row / Market share at a stable 12 per cent
As already announced, traffic figures at the Berlin airports broke all previous records in 2010, reaching an all-time high of more than 22 million passengers in one year.

A closer look at the figures reveals:

Seven million passengers in Schoenefeld and 15 million passengers in Tegel represent two new record results in 2010. These figures are all the more impressive given the numerous strikes, the ash cloud in April (approx. -300,000 passengers) and the harsh winter weather at the beginning and end of the year.

Berlin Airports recorded a total of 22,323,489 passengers in 2010, 6.4 per cent more than in 2009 and thus better than the average international commercial airport in Germany (up approx. five per cent on 2009) for the eighth year in a row (source: Arbeitsgemeinschaft Deutscher Verkehrsflughäfen (ADV) – Association of German Commercial Airports). This result has enabled Berlin Airports to consolidate its position in third place in the ranking of German commercial airports and is expected to stabilise its market share at just under 12 per cent.

Top destinations in Germany, Europe and on long-haul routes

The biggest increase was reported by Berlin Airports in the number of passengers on routes outside Europe: the number of passengers in international air traffic rose last year by around a quarter to 1,097,645 (approx. five per cent of total traffic). The most noticeable increase was seen on the 12 long-haul flights: up 25.7 per cent to 523,144 passengers.

8,181,127 passengers flew to the Berlin airports in 2010 on domestic flights, 1.6 per cent more than in the previous year, while 13,044,717 passengers chose a European destination (up 8.3 percent on 2009).

Most passengers in 2010 took the domestic flight to Munich (1,816,388 passengers; +1.4 per cent), the European flight to London (1,282,294 passengers) – which was Berlin Airports’ biggest growth market last year (+229,454 passengers; +21.8 per cent) – and the long-haul route to New York (208,394 passengers).

Prof. Dr. Rainer Schwarz, CEO of Berlin Airports, said: “A closer look at the figures clearly shows that Berlin Airports is achieving not only quantitative, but also strong qualitative growth on important routes for business travellers. This provides further momentum for the new Capital Airport.”

New routes in 2011

Berlin Airports is currently expecting an increase in frequencies on various routes and some new destinations in 2011, including Maastricht (Germanwings), Barcelona (Spanair), Amman (Royal Jordanian) and Novosibirsk (S7) as well as Air Berlin flights to Verona and Olbia and its new long-haul flight to New York as of May.

Cumulated 2010 traffic figures

A total of 15,025,578 passengers were handled at Tegel Airport in 2010, 845,341 more than in the previous year (+6.0 per cent). This represents an all-time high in the number of passengers recorded at the airport.

Schoenefeld Airport recorded 7,297,911 passengers, 500,753 more than in 2009, representing a 7.4 per cent increase. Passenger numbers at Schoenefeld Airport thus passed the seven million mark.

Berlin Airports recorded 235,165 flight movements last year (+1.5 per cent) and an increase in capacity utilisation on aircraft to 71.1 per cent.

26,881 tons of air freight were transported, 6,535 tons more than in 2009 (+32.1 per cent). Two-thirds of cargo carried by passenger aircraft at the Berlin airports is now transported on long-haul flights (especially Beijing and New York).

Traffic figures in December

A total of 1,614,127 passengers used the Berlin airports in December 2010 (+2.7 per cent compared to the same month the previous year): 1,068,341 passengers in Tegel (+1.4 per cent) and 545,786 passengers in Schoenefeld (+5.3 per cent). Despite the positive result, greater success was achieved in the previous months – due to the at times harsh winter weather in December in Europe, various weather-related airport closures and the resulting restrictions to all European air traffic (domino effect), approx. 1,000 flights were cancelled in December at the Berlin airports alone. Conversely, 94 per cent of flights were able to be operated as scheduled at the Berlin airports.

The number of flight movements dropped by 1.1 per cent in December to 16,875.

Air freight rose at the Berlin airports in December to 2,218 tons (+14.4 per cent).

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