Berlin Candy Bomber to take off again

27.01.11 10:20
Restoration of the historic plane begins/ Förderverein Rosinenbomber e.V. collecting donations
A legend lives on: Air Service Berlin's Candy Bomber, which had to make an emergency landing last year, can be restored. This was the verdict of an expert team from Nayak Aircraft Service, who intensively examined the damaged aircraft in recent weeks.

The news came not only as a great relief to the members of Förderverein Rosinenbomber e.V., but definitely also to all aviation fans in Berlin. The Douglas Corporation, DC3 for short, is to take off again as soon as possible to continue its sightseeing flights. For this, the Förderverein funding initiative is to take over as the owner.

Repair work is due to begin in April 2011. Initially, the fuselage is to be transported to Cologne by lorry.

Herbert Busch, Managing Director of Nayak Aircraft Service: "We normally service and repair modern commercial aircraft at our works. That's why the restoration of the Candy Bomber is a matter close to our hearts as well. Currently, we are looking all over the world for the very rare spare parts required for the Candy Bomber. How long repair takes will ultimately depend on our capacity and on the availability of these parts. The Candy Bomber will then be flown to our aircraft works in Kamenz in Saxony for final repairs."

Frank Hellberg from Förderverein Rosinenbomber e.V. comments: "The restoration costs for the Candy Bomber will mainly be defined by the sourcing of spare parts and the approval procedures we are initiating at the German federal aviation authorities. As soon as we have a complete list of the details now being collated, we will be able to approximately estimate the costs of reconstruction. We have established Förderverein Rosinenbomber e.V. for the purpose of financing this reconstruction and are collecting donations for restoration with immediate effect in order to retain a piece of Berlin's history."

An account has been opened for financial donations:

Förderverein Rosinenbomber e.V.
Account: 197194400
Sort code: 10070024
Deutsche Bank
IBAN: DE29 1007 0024 0197 1944 00

We would also be delighted to receive expert assistance or donations in kind.

Berlin Airports is also supporting the reconstruction of the Candy Bomber. "The Candy Bomber forms a part of Berlin's history," says Ralf Kunkel, press spokesman for Berlin Airports. "It was absolutely clear from the outset that we, too, would make a contribution to rebuilding the DC3. Flying in the Candy Bomber over the roofs of the capital is not only a fascinating experience for the Berlin and Brandenburg people, it is also of great value as a tourist magnet for visitors from Germany and abroad."

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