BBI Airport: a unique, historic opportunity for Berlin and Brandenburg

09.03.11 09:08
22.3 million passengers in 2010 / Biggest increase on routes outside Europe / 2011 summer flight schedule: 13 long-haul routes as of May / Interior work progresses on the terminal / Capital Airport goes into operation in 2012
Berlin Airports is starting 2011 on a strong note: with over 22 million passengers and 12 long-haul routes, the company has already achieved the targets it had actually set for when the new Capital Airport opens. “This shows that we are on track with our efforts to establish Berlin as an air traffic location. BBI is a unique, historic opportunity for Berlin and Brandenburg”, said Prof. Dr. Rainer Schwarz, CEO of Berlin Airports, today at the annual ITB press conference of Berlin Airports.

Better than the market for the eighth year in a row

For the first time in the company’s history, Berlin Airports recorded over 22 million passengers at Schoenefeld and Tegel for the year 2010, 6.4 per cent more than in 2009 and thus better than the average international commercial airport in Germany for the eighth year in a row. This result has enabled Berlin Airports to consolidate its position in third place in the ranking of German commercial airports and stabilise its market share at just under 12 per cent. The outlook for 2011 also looks promising: in the first two months of this year, Berlin Airports recorded growth of 10 per cent.

The biggest increase in 2010 was reported by Berlin Airports in the number of passengers on routes outside Europe: the number of passengers in international air traffic rose last year by around a quarter to 1,097,645 (approx. five per cent of total traffic). The most noticeable increase was seen on the 12 long-haul flights: up 25.7 per cent to 523,144 passengers. Most passengers in this segment chose the long-haul flight to New York in 2010 (208,394 passengers).

13,044,717 passengers at Berlin Airports chose a European destination in 2010 (up 8.3 percent on 2009). “We are delighted to be achieving not only quantitative, but also strong qualitative growth on important routes for business travellers. For example, London was our biggest growth market last year, up 21.8 per cent (+229,454 passengers) on 2009. This provides further momentum for BBI. Our aim is clearly to secure a large part of global air traffic growth in the future”, said Schwarz.

8,181,127 passengers in 2010 flew on domestic flights, 1.6 per cent more than in the previous year.

2011 summer flight schedule: 13th long-haul route scheduled

Berlin Airports’ 2011 summer flight schedule features 164 destinations in 54 countries, served by a total of 88 airlines. The airlines will be offering a total of 13 new connections from Berlin in the summer flight schedule – e.g. Basle, Vilnius, Maastricht, Verona, Linz, Rimini, Jönkoping, Novosibirsk and Amman. “Besides the new destinations, frequency increases in particular are of key strategic importance”, said Schwarz. “They enable us to continue working on establishing the hub that was successfully started in Tegel in 2010.” airberlin’s direct flight to New York as of May will also mark the 13th long-haul connection from Berlin. Further long-haul routes are available to Beijing, Doha, Bangkok, Phuket, Dubai, Miami, Mombasa, Punta Cana, Varadero and Ulan Bator.

BBI will put Berlin back on the world map in terms of air traffic in 2012

When BBI goes into operation in June 2012, Berlin Airports will be offering airlines not only an attractive location in an exciting market, but also a Capital Airport with the potential for doubling current capacity by up to 45 million passengers per year.

“BBI will put Berlin back on the world map in terms of air traffic”, stressed Schwarz. “While the region will gain the state-of-the-art airport it so desperately needs and deserves, we will gain direct access to markets and people the world over.”

Recognising this potential even before the opening of BBI, airberlin began establishing a hub in May 2010. The airline now offers more than 6,000 weekly flights to and from Berlin and has already managed to double its transfer passenger figures.

airberlin is also set to become part of the oneworld alliance, representing a major opportunity for Berlin Airports. “BBI offers airlines a first-class traffic hub – with short transfer times, good service, an adjoining conference centre and the licence to grow”, promised Schwarz.

Schwarz also sees Lufthansa’s announcement to focus on targeting the Berlin market as a positive sign. A few weeks ago, Lufthansa launched the “Future Berlin” project, entrusting Josef Bogdanski, one of its most experienced managers, with the task of developing a strategy for Berlin. “We are delighted with the great deal of interest airlines have already shown in BBI’s market launch”, said Schwarz. “We believe BBI can provide a sound platform for developing two equally strong partners.”

BBI takes to the international stage: World Routes 2011 in Berlin

New destinations to and from Berlin will also be the topic of World Routes 2011 in Berlin in early October. From 2–4 October this year, the most important aviation forum in the world will be held in Berlin and thus for the first time ever in Germany. Berlin Airports will welcome a total of 300 airlines and 800 airports to the world’s biggest route development conference and use the opportunity to present the new Capital Airport to aviation experts from all over the world.

Major progress on the BBI construction site

Key phases of construction will be completed on the BBI construction site in 2011: Berlin Airports will push ahead with work on the interior of the terminal and begin constructing the additional pavilions. Around 3,000 construction workers have thus been working on the building site every day since the beginning of this year. All key elements of the new airport will be ready for operation in time for the trial runs in late November. During the six-month trials, all those in Berlin and Brandenburg who are interested will be able to put BBI to the test. Around 10,000 extras are required to put all processes – from the check-in desks and security checkpoints to baggage handling – to the test. Only then can the smooth operation of the new Capital Airport on 3 June 2012 be ensured. Berlin Airports will start looking in mid 2011 for passengers to take part in the trial runs. This year’s AirportRUN on 19 June provides yet another opportunity to see at first hand the progress being made on the construction site. Berlin Airports is also inviting all airport fans to a “Terminal Viewing” on 26 June 2011.
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