Berlin Airports agrees to honey monitoring

25.05.11 13:44
Scientific study monitors honey, bees and honeycombs in and around the airport for residues from air traffic.
Berlin Airports gave the go-ahead today for a scientific study to be carried out to monitor the situation regarding airborne pollutants and the quality of honey in and around the airport prior to and following the opening of BBI. Over the course of several years, a process of “honey monitoring” will take place to examine honey, honeycombs and bees for any residues from air traffic.

According to Jochen Heimberg, Head of the Environmental Department at Berlin Airports, “The process of honey monitoring complements our system of monitoring air quality. Besides honey, bees and honeycombs will also be monitored, in order to gain a comprehensive overview of the situation regarding pollutants.”

Honey monitoring is primarily a food study and provides conclusive information on the quality of the honey as regards the airborne pollutants examined. The monitoring process will see Berlin Airports work with beekeepers from the region, whose bee colonies fly around the airport.

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