5th Berlin Airports AirportRun – already more than 1,800 registrations

16.06.11 15:59
Half-marathon and 10 kilometre race across the construction site for the new Berlin Brandenburg Airport / Spectacular course directly on the new runway / Registration possible until shortly before the start of the race
Just three more days left until Berlin Airports’ 5th AirportRun takes place on Sunday 19th June. More than 1,800 runners and power walkers have already registered for this running event. Last-minute registrations will still be accepted on the day of the event from 6:00 am onwards until shortly before the run starts at 9:00 am. Participants can choose between a 10 kilometre course (approx. 6.2 miles) and a half-marathon of 21.0975 kilometres (approx. 13.1 miles). This year’s run again includes a bambini course for young runners. The 5th AirportRun is being organised by Berlin Airports in cooperation with Berlin läuft GmbH.

Unique running experience

This year’s race starts right on the construction site for the new airport. First, participants will run on the new four kilometre long runway, then straight through the future security zone and past, among other things, the power control centre, the terminal and the new tower. The course leads the runners entirely through the infrastructure of the new Capital Airport. At the finish, runners will be greeted with a programme of events including music, the awards ceremony and a tombola for all participants.

The registration office for the 5th AirportRun is signposted, and this is also where the changing tents, showers and the start and finish lines are located.

Tips for getting there

Berlin Airports recommends travelling to the AirportRun by public transport. There is a shuttle service from S Bahn Schoenefeld train station: free shuttle buses will be running from there at regular intervals starting at 6:30 am. No parking spaces are available at the event grounds. Limited parking is available at Rathaus Schoenefeld town hall. Shuttle buses will also be running at regular intervals from there to the event grounds.

For more information about the 5th AirportRun, visit: www.berlin-airport.de or www.berlin-laeuft.de.

With an area the size of 2,000 soccer pitches and thousands of construction workers working here, the new Berlin Brandenburg Airport is still the biggest and most exciting construction site in the capital region and the biggest airport construction site in Europe. In keeping with our motto, “We build, you watch”, Berlin Airports is inviting all those interested to visit the construction site. Our site marketing includes a broad range of entertainment and information activities – from the Infotower to guided tours of the construction site and the “A day at the airport” holiday event for children. You can also follow the progress on site from your own home on the Internet via our webcam and construction site diary. For more information, visit www.berlin-airport.de.

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