Huge surge in traffic: over 3,000 airport testers already registered

29.06.11 10:28
As of yesterday, all those interested were able to register at ber.berlin-airport.de for the Berlin Brandenburg Airport (Willy Brandt) trial runs / First two dates already booked up

Berlin Airports experienced a huge surge in website traffic yesterday as registrations began for the trial runs at the new Berlin Brandenburg Airport (Willy Brandt). All those interested can register at ber.berlin-airport.de for up to two dates and thus take a look behind the scenes before the airport opens on 3 June 2012.

Airport spokesman Ralf Kunkel: “More than 50,000 Berliners and Brandenburgers attended our family gathering on Sunday and caught a first glimpse of the terminal interior. In less than 24 hours, over 3,000 persons registered for the trial runs, demonstrating the high level of interest shown by the people of Berlin and Brandenburg in their new airport.”

As already announced, Berlin Airports is looking for 10,000 testers to put the new Berlin Brandenburg Airport (Willy Brandt) through its paces under the motto “Berliners and Brandenburgers – test your new airport!”. Testers will play the role of passengers checking in for a flight, handing over suitcases and going through security, and simulate all other possible scenarios before departure or on arrival at the airport. Trial runs will be held with the extras from 26 January to 16 May 2012.

The site was originally expected to go online as early as Sunday. However, following a few initial technical hitches, the application had to be taken offline for security reasons. These have since been resolved and the site has undergone further extensive testing. Users who had already registered were informed of the problems by mail. All interested testers should e-mail Berlin Airports at pressestelle@berlin-airport.de for more information.

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