First global campaign from Berlin: “Rettet-den-Rosinenbomber.de”

29.06.11 10:05
Just one year after Berlin’s most popular aircraft – the raisin bomber – had to make an emergency landing, the first campaign to reconstruct it is now being launched. After being severely damaged following an emergency landing in June 2010, the plane is no longer airworthy.

In order to reconstruct this piece of living history, people from all over the world called upon the funding initiative set up specifically for this purpose – the Förderverein Rosinenbomber e.V. For according the Americans: “Where else can you take off and fly with a monument than in Berlin?” (Gail Halvorsen, May 2011 in Berlin).

The raisin bombers saved Berlin’s life with the world’s biggest airlift of all time. Which is why the global campaign is being launched from Berlin: with a social network for the flying monument. As of 1 July, people from all over the world will be able to participate in the fate and reconstruction of Berlin’s flying landmark via all the usual channels – Facebook, Twitter, Xing, YouTube – as well as chat, hope, worry and donate.

A donation campaign has been launched specifically for Germany: those who text “raisin” to 81190 will automatically donate €5 to the reconstruction and receive a world-famous text reply.

Berlin Airports is an active supporter of the funding initiative. According to airport spokesman Ralf Kunkel, “The launch of the donation campaign marks a key milestone in the reconstruction of the raisin bomber. The raisin bomber is a unique testimony to our city, a testimony to never give up even in the worst times of crisis. We are looking forward to the new Capital Airport, BER, becoming the new home of the raisin bomber, too, offering many Berliners, Brandenburgers and visitors the opportunity to embark on historic sightseeing flights and get acquainted with an important part of our city’s history.”

Following talks with the Förderverein Rosinenbomber e.V., the American Embassy has provided its logo and portals in the social network for the campaign.

The first signs of success can even be seen in the complicated search for technical parts: next week, a team will fly to Coventry in England to examine a plane that may well donate the spare parts needed.

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