Eco-friendly airport: Berlin Airports takes the climate-friendly route

08.07.11 13:32
Participation in Volkswagen AG electromobility pilot scheme / Climate-friendly further development of an airport vehicle fleet
Berlin Airports is committed to electromobility. The company has this week started testing an electrically powered Golf blue-e-motion that has been made available to Berlin Airports until the end of the year as part of a Volkswagen AG pilot scheme. By participating in such pilot schemes, experience with alternative drive systems can be gained in order to further develop the vehicle fleet at the new Berlin Brandenburg Willy Brandt Airport in a way that is as climate friendly as possible.

Energy efficiency and a rigorous avoidance of carbon dioxide emissions are core components of the environmental policy objectives that Berlin Airports is pursuing in its implementation of the new BER Airport. The company is furthermore currently examining the use of hydrogen or electrically powered vehicles in other areas too.

With its participation in the pilot scheme, Berlin Airports is also supporting the goal of the State of Berlin to establish the capital city as an international showcase for electromobility.

Berlin Airports and the Golf blue-e-motion

The Golf blue-e-motion fleet comprises 80 vehicles in Germany and is an important milestone in the development process of electromobility at Volkswagen AG. With fleet testing, the intention is to gain at an early stage a comprehensive understanding of the technology, its suitability for everyday use, and the user requirements, thus securing large-scale production from 2013 onwards.


BER is the most significant development project in the German capital region. Concentrating all Berlin air traffic at a single location leads to a distinct reduction in carbon dioxide emissions and relieves a total of 200,000 people of aircraft noise. It is expected that CO2 emissions arising from the energy supply of the terminal will be halved due to the closure of the existing airports in Tegel and Schoenefeld, the energy-efficient new development of Berlin Brandenburg Willy Brandt Airport, and the changes to power generation methods (provision of electricity, heating and cooling by a highly-efficient combined heat and power plant as well as utilisation of innovative heat recovery systems and geothermal energy).
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