Inviting nature – presenting the parks Gutspark Großziethen, In den Gehren and Am Dörferblick

14.07.11 14:16
Parks are an important part of the compensatory measures / Over 500 hectares of compensatory measures in the direct vicinity of the airport / Long-term maintenance of parks by Berlin Airports

The compensatory measures being implemented by Berlin Airports within the scope of expanding Schoenefeld are like a stretch of green around the new Berlin Brandenburg Airport (Willy Brandt). An important part of these compensatory measures are the three parks in the municipality of Schoenefeld, which are largely completed. Dr. Udo Haase, Mayor of Schoenefeld, today joined Berlin Airports on a bike tour to present the manor park Gutspark Großziethen and the parks Am Dörferblick and In den Gehren.

Dr. Udo Haase, Mayor of Schoenefeld: “We are delighted to be able to present today the three parks Gutspark Großziethen, In den Gehren and Am Dörferblick. Schoenefeld is profiting from the construction of the new airport: besides gaining new companies and jobs, the community is also gaining opportunities for leisure and recreation with the parks.”

Ralf Kunkel, Press Officer at Berlin Airports: “We take our responsibility to the community of residents surrounding the new Berlin Brandenburg Airport (Willy Brandt) seriously. And not only in the short term – we are committed to maintaining the parks for the next 25 years once they are completed. This will enable the long-term use of the parks by the surrounding community.”

Gutspark Großziethen

The long-term maintenance of the 2.5-hectare manor park Gutspark Großziethen is important for the community. A place for leisure and recreation, the manor park has a number of uses as well as precious old trees. An existing leisure facility could also be integrated into the concept in the form of the Ilse Reichel children’s farm. By restoring historic, connecting footpaths and views, reactivating the pig swamp, reconstructing playing and fruit meadows, and incorporating the children’s farm, Großziethen is now an attractive landscaped park for recreational purposes. Today’s Gutspark Großziethen is divided into four sections: the main section of the manor park with its precious old trees and historic park relicts; the pig swamp, designed as an area in which to experience nature and important ecologically on a variety of levels; the playing and fruit meadow, including 61 old fruit trees; and the children’s farm.

In den Gehren spans more than 28 hectares and differs from the other two landscaped parks in that part of it can also be used as a grazing area for Mongolian and Polish wild horses. Besides grazing and recreational areas, large groups of trees and bushes, solitary trees and semi-open biotopes create precious habitats for animal and plant species. In den Gehren is integrated into Schoenefeld’s network of foot- and cycling paths and besides grazing areas, features meadows, islands of trees and valleys. A total of 1,270 trees, including field maples, hornbeams, English oaks, silver limes and elms, were mostly planted as stem bushes or multi-stemmed trees.

Am Dörferblick

Am Dörferblick spans a total area of just under 15 hectares and is made up of several small areas and semi-open landscape. The park is characterised by a diverse habitat structure, providing a basis for biotope development. The existing small areas and those which have been developed can be used in a number of ways: for urban agriculture, experiencing nature or as multifunctional recreational areas. The semi-open landscape is ideal for becoming one with nature and has great potential, e.g. it can also be used by clubs. A main path running through the centre of the park, along the trail of the former patrol path, provides the backbone of the path infrastructure for the new landscaped park Am Dörferblick. To the left and right of this path are picnic meadows, rows of trees, and areas for experiencing nature such as clay hills, sand dunes or a small “jungle” (wooded growth).

Compensatory measures in and around BER The stretch of green around the new airport spans over 500 hectares of compensatory measures (avenues, rows of trees, reforestation, small bodies of water, meadows, parks). The largest single project of the compensatory measures is the ecological upgrading of 2,600 hectares of Zülow lowlands. The aim of the measures is to turn the landscape into a recreational area for the airport’s neighbouring community by, for example, making cycling paths greener through avenues, planting new trees for every tree felled, and creating a replacement for every sealed area. In addition, biotope monitoring prevents disruptions to the area surrounding the airport during construction. There are a total of five parks in all: the historic manor parks Dahlewitz (Mahlow-Blankenfelde) and Großziethen as well as the parks In den Gehren, Am Dörferblick and Am Vogelwäldchen. Landscape architects bgmr, Becker, Mohren, Gieseke, Richard were responsible for planning the parks.

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