17 young helpers assist in the International Workcamp

19.07.11 16:11
Young people from ten nations get involved as “Zuelow caretakers” / Campaign already in its seventh successive year / Measures in the Rangsdorf area of natural landscape / Sponsorship of the work camp by Berlin Airports 

The International Workcamp in the Rangsdorf area of natural landscape is taking place now for the seventh time. From today, 17 young people aged between 17 and 25 from Armenia, China, Germany, Finland, Italy, Spain, South Korea, Belarus, Turkey and Ukraine will be taking part in the work camp on the edge of the Zuelow Lowlands. Together, over the coming three weeks, they will be providing voluntary assistance in the Rangsdorf area of natural landscape.

This year’s work in the maintenance and development of Rangsdorf’s network of hiking paths is focusing on the construction of a wooden platform that can be walked on, located on the southeast bank of Lake Rangsdorf. Furthermore, trail markings will be put in place for hikers along a trail section of over one kilometre between Little Venice and Zuelow Canal. The creation of an underground bat accommodation and the installation of nesting aids for birds and displays with information about the lake and the Zuelow Lowlands are also planned.

Landschaftspflegeverein Mittelbrandenburg e.V. (Central Brandenburg Association of Rural Conservation) and Verein Internationale Jugendgemeinschaftsdienste (ijgd) e.V. (Association for International Youth Community Projects) have jointly organised the International Workcamp. Since the first camp in Rangsdorf in 2005, 115 young people from 28 countries have committed themselves to helping in this area of natural landscape.

This is now the seventh year that Berlin Airports is sponsoring this international meeting of “Zuelow caretakers”. As part of the work camp, the participants will also be visiting the construction site of the future BER capital airport so they can get an idea of the current progress of the construction work.

For the development of the Berlin Brandenburg Willy Brandt Airport, Berlin Airports is committed in the long term to numerous compensatory measures within the framework of compensation measures set out by nature conservation law. The largest project in this respect is the Zuelow Lowlands – an approximately 2,600-hectare lowlands and cultivated landscape that lies between Mittenwalde, Dabendorf and Rangsdorf. The aim is to upgrade the agriculturally used open lowlands and to create a more varied landscape. The compensatory measures are intended to improve the living conditions for flora and fauna and thus also increase the quality of how the Zuelow Lowlands are experienced. The long-term compensatory measures for the construction of BER extend like a belt around the airport. At other locations, for instance, new trees are being planted for every felled tree and an offset is created for every impermeable area.

The work camp will take place until 7th August. Representatives of the media are most welcome to visit the young people on site and to talk to them about their landscape conservation work. An invitation to the closing event at which the results of the work will be presented will be sent separately.

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