Working for nature at Lake Rangsdorf: final presentation of the “Zuelow Carers”

04.08.11 12:48
Participants of the 7th International Work Camp present the results of their work / Construction of a wooden platform on the shores of Lake Rangsdorf / Work is part of the compensation and mitigation measures for Airport Berlin Brandenburg

The greatest challenge at this year’s Work Camp was the weather: time and time again the young participants had to down tools and stop their work due to heavy rain. But that didn’t stop them completing a large part of the planned projects during their three-week voluntary stint at the camp. The young people from Armenia, China, Germany, Finland, Italy, Spain, South Korea, Belarus, Turkey and Ukraine proudly unveiled the results of their hard work at today’s presentation.

With great skill and lots of hard, physical work, the “Zuelow Carers” built a 12 square metre wooden platform on the southeast bank of Lake Rangsdorf, making an ideal place to observe the local fauna. The young workers also removed waste and rubbish from a large area of woodlands and cleared 500 metres of path to make it accessible again. An underground winter cave for bats with five nesting aids provides a sanctuary for bats. It wasn’t just all work for the young visitors, though: there were plenty of leisure activities, including trips Berlin and Potsdam and a visit to the BER construction site, to round off their stay.

The Work Camp, which is an opportunity for young people from all around the world to meet, is organised and coordinated by the Landschaftspflegeverein Mittelbrandenburg e.V. (Central Brandenburg Association of Rural Conservation). This is the seventh year that the international project has been sponsored by Berlin Airports. Other long-standing partners are the municipality and tourist office of Rangsdorf, the Teltow-Fläming nature conservation authority and the Ludwigsfelde forestry commission.

Berlin Airports is committed to implementing numerous projects and measures to compensate for loss of natural environment and habitats caused by the construction of the new airport. The largest single project of the compensatory measures is the ecological upgrading of the Zülow lowlands between Mittenwalde, Dabendorf and Groß Machnow/Rangsdorf. The aim is to upgrade the 2,600 hectare lowlands and agriculturally used areas and to create optimum habitats for flora and fauna and thus also increase the recreational quality of the Zuelow lowlands for local residents.

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