A healthy place to work: BKK•VBU pays a bonus to Berlin Airports

05.08.11 13:22
Since 2004 BKK•VBU and Berlin Airports have successfully been working together to promote healthy work places. Today, the company received a further bonus and at the same time the cooperation for the company health promotion programme was extended for a further three years.

Andrea Galle, chairwoman of BKK•VBU, this afternoon presented a symbolic cheque for €16,425 to Prof. Dr. Rainer Schwarz, chief executive officer of Berlin Airports. This money will be used to implement more health projects for Berlin Airports’ employees.

“As a health insurance company, we are very happy to support businesses that are prepared to work to keep their employees healthy”, said Andrea Galle. “In today’s world, a company’s success doesn’t simply depend on the commitment and the knowledge of its employees; it is equally about whether your employees are healthy. People who are healthy, who feel physically and mentally at their best, are essential for businesses to remain competitive.”

“We are very pleased to be extending the highly successful cooperation with BKK•VBU for a further three years by signing the bonus agreement today”, said Prof. Dr. Rainer Schwarz. “Our joint concept of company health management aims to build and expand the health competence and awareness of our executives and staff, and thus to achieve sustainable promotion of all health matters. We do not want to cure the symptoms, but to tackle the cause.”

The health programme aims to tackle the most common health problems and risks at work, including a lack of exercise, permanent stress, unfavourable ergonomic conditions and the pressure to perform under time pressure. A programme of preventive measures has been developed specifically for the working conditions of airport employees.

 “The services and programmes offered range from the organisation of company sports classes and groups to seminars, for instance on coping with stress, right through to individual preventive measures, and they have been very well received by our executives and employees”, explained Prof. Dr. Rainer Schwarz. “Additionally, the BKK•VBU offers preventive care courses and staff development measures, such as seminars on health-related management. A cooperation with the Fitness First chain of gyms encourages our staff to exercise more.”

“The BKK•VBU takes company health promotion very seriously and we are prepared to assume responsibility”, said Andrea Galle, describing the company’s commitment to keeping people healthy. The extension of the bonus agreement means that more projects can be initiated for the 1500 employees at Berlin Airports who want to stay healthy or regain their health.

Note for editors:

The BKK•VBU insures more than 300,000 people, making it the biggest company health insurance fund based in Berlin. In addition to statutory benefits, employees insured through the BKK-VBU benefit from subsidised prevention programmes, extraordinary additional benefits, such as the baby bonus, and a service quality that was rated by TÜV Thüringen as “Very Good”. The BKK•VBU will not be charging an additional fee until 2013. For more information, visit www.meine-krankenkasse.de.
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