Berlin Airports’ noise protection programme

05.08.11 14:16
Berlin Airports donates €500,000 towards the building of a new children’s day care centre in Blankenfelde-Mahlow / The municipality of Blankenfelde-Mahlow is building a new day care centre for children / Berlin Airports provides unbureaucratic noise protection / Noise protection programme for special facilities making good progress
On 3 June 2012 the new airport Berlin Brandenburg Willy Brandt will open for business. In accordance with the plan approval order, 25,000 residential units (predominantly privately owned) and around 50 special facilities (including day care centres for children, old people’s and nursing homes, schools) are all entitled to noise protection.

Today, Prof. Dr. Rainer Schwarz, chief executive officer of Berlin Airports, presented a cheque for €526,835.95 to the mayor of the municipality of Blankenfelde-Mahlow, Ortwin Baier. The money is to be used for the newbuild day care centre for children at Jühnsdorfer Weg. As the municipality will be closing the day care centres “Waldhaus”, “Wirbelwind” and “Zwergstübchen” before the new airport opens, Berlin Airports is not legally obliged to pay any compensation, but the two parties agreed on a lump sum compensation.

Prof. Dr. Rainer Schwarz, chief executive officer of Berlin Airports: “Our contribution will allow the children in the day care centre to be given additional protection against aircraft noise, protection that extends beyond what is legally required. We are very happy to have reached this good and satisfactory solution with the town’s representatives. We take our responsibility to our youngest neighbours very seriously indeed.”

Ortwin Baier, mayor of Blankenfelde-Mahlow: “The newbuild of our daycare centre is an important signal for the future of our town and community. For our children this is an especially important day. We are delighted that we will be able to equip the new centre with the very best in noise protection, with the help of Berlin Airports.”

Court cases and current status: noise protection for special facilities

Negotiations for all the special facilities will be conducted with the operator of each facility (e.g. local government, churches) to determine the implementation procedure for all necessary noise protection measures. In most cases the noise protection systems will be installed either by or on behalf of Berlin Airports.

Noise protection for the special facilities is making excellent progress: to date, the operators of 37 of the 50 facilities that are entitled to noise protection have submitted applications, and agreements have been reached for 29 facilities between the operator and Berlin Airports.

At five facilities the noise protection measures have been completed, and for a further 15 they will be completed by the end of the year. Expenditure on and the value of agreed structural noise protection in the special facilities currently totals €6 million.

Special facilities in Blankenfelde-Mahlow

In total, nine special facilities in Blankenfelde-Mahlow will be receiveing noise protection; structural work for five of these facilities has already been completed and three further facilities will be completed this year, with one currently under preparation. Additionally, Berlin Airports has paid the lump-sum compensation mentioned above for three facilities.

Background information

Local residents affected by airport noise will find detailed information, frequently asked questions and an application form for inclusion in the noise protection programme in the Berlin Airport Noise Protection brochure.

The new Airport Berlin Brandenburg Willy Brandt is the most important project for the future of the region. The closure of the inner-city airports and the concentration of air traffic on the new airport BER will lead to a massive reduction in airport noise for the region: in 2004, with an annual total of 15 million passengers, 225,800 people in the region were exposed to a continuous daytime noise level of 55 dB(A). In 2023, with double the number of passengers, this number will have been reduced to only 59,600 (source: Regional Development Plan of Airport Site Development, 2006).

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