12,000 airport testers already found – and places on the waiting list still to be had

12.08.11 14:30
Test operation of the new airport, Berlin Brandenburg Willy Brandt / At the of six weeks, 12,000 airport testers have already signed up / The waiting list is still open at ber.berlin-airport.de
The people of Berlin and Brandenburg can hardly wait to test their new airport. This is quite clear since, just six weeks after the invitation to sign up for the test run at Berlin Brandenburg Willy Brandt Airport went out, 12,000 airport testers have already registered; 10,000 of them for specific days, the remaining 2000 on the waiting list. This means that the regular places for test operation, which will put airport and all of its processes through their paces from January until May next year, are already fully booked. There is a ray of hope for everyone interested in taking part who has not yet registered, though, because the waiting list is still open.

Ralf Kunkel, Press Spokesman of Berlin Airports: “The first round is complete – and we have already signed up 12,000 people to test the airport. But it’s not too late for anyone still interested in taking part to add their name to the waiting list at ber.berlin-airport.de. They will then have the chance to replace of any of our registered testers, should decide to drop out.”

Test operation for the BER

To ensure that the new Berlin Brandenburg Willy Brandt Airport gets off to as smooth a start as possible on 3 June 2012, Berlin Airports will begin a six-month test operation from late November onwards. This will start with the two-month basic test run, during which the staff of the airport, the airlines, the public authorities and the ground handling services all have the opportunity to test and become accustomed to their new workplace. The integration test run is scheduled to begin in late January 2012 and will give all the regular airport testers from Berlin and Brandenburg a chance to test their new airport. Places are still available on the waiting at ber.berlin-airport.de.
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