Team of TÜV Rheinland experts begins acceptance testing at Berlin Brandenburg Airport

25.11.11 12:47
Prerequisite for building approval / opening of the airport in June 2012

Berlin, 25th November 2011. Work at the new Berlin Brandenburg Airport is entering the crucial phase. The team of eight TÜV Rheinland specialists has been commissioned by the construction site management to begin acceptance testing procedures for the terminal and the other airport buildings. The TÜV Rheinland experts have commenced their work on site and are performing such tasks as checking the safety-related facilities for fire prevention and other emergency systems. Not only is the functioning of every single system being tested but also in particular the interplay between the various systems. “The acceptance procedure is an important milestone on the road to the airport being able to go into operation. It is taking place as early as this so potential corrections to details can be made now without compromising the schedule,” explains Eckhard Lippold of TÜV Rheinland, who as Managing Director is responsible for the acceptance by the experts. “The critical stage before the airport goes into operation is now starting,” adds Dr Manfred A. Körtgen, Managing Director of Operations/BBI of Berlin Airports. “With TÜV acceptance testing, we are now putting Berlin Brandenburg Airport through the acid test. Alongside trial operations, training, and planning for the move, it is an important component for ensuring all operational processes are running optimally in time for the opening on 3rd June 2012,” he explains.

The independent experts will also be testing the safety and emergency systems for the power supply, the fire-extinguishing and smoke extractor systems, the preventative systems for fire detection as well as other safety-relevant facilities, such as the lifts. Successful testing of the complex systems during interplay with all the other systems and the detailed assessment of their implementation by TÜV Rheinland are prerequisites for receiving subsequent approval by the public authorities. Only after that has been completed will the path to regular operation be clear.

Berlin Brandenburg Airport will be opened on 3rd June 2012. The entire air traffic in the capital region will be concentrated on Berlin Brandenburg Airport when it goes into operation. The airport has been designed to handle 27 million passengers a year initially. In subsequent years, the airport can be extended to handle up to 45 million passengers, depending on how the market develops.

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