Fire Station East handed over to the plant fire brigade of the Berlin Airports

20.12.11 15:06
Three fire stations ensure operational readiness of BER / Fire Station East responsible for fire protection of the terminal building / From 03 June 2012 about 200 fire-fighting personnel working at the new airport / Units on the site within 180 seconds
Safety is of the highest priority in aviation: Dr Manfred A Körtgen, Managing Director of Operations/BBI at Berlin Airports, handed Fire Station East at the Berlin Brandenburg Airport over to the plant fire brigade of the Berlin Airports today. As of the opening of the new airport on 03 June 2012, the building will be primarily responsible for protection of the terminal building in case of fire as well as fighting fires in aircraft. The first responsibility for the Fire Station East will be to act as the fire brigade for the construction site. Final completion is scheduled for January 2012.

The Fire Station East has two levels containing three vehicle parking areas with 14 parking spaces for dispatch vehicles of many different categories, the airport’s first-aid station, 18 break rooms for the fire-fighting personnel, a sports and kitchen area and a fire extinguisher workshop. Usable area comes to about 2,500 square metres on the ground floor and another 1,250 square metres on the upper level. Eighteen fire-fighting personnel will serve their 24-hour shifts at this fire station every day.

“The fire brigade is the backbone of every airport — not one aircraft could take off or land without it. That is why it makes me all the happier that our airport fire brigade can move into one of their two new stations today. Once again, we are handing a building for specific operation over to its intended purpose on schedule. Our small city around the terminal is not only taking shape — it is being filled with life. A functional architecture is turning into Europe’s most modern airport,” said Körtgen.

The International Civil Aviation Organisation (IACO) specifies the guidelines for fire protection at airports. For example, the fire-fighters must be able to reach the ends of the runways within 180 seconds. The Berlin Brandenburg Airport has two more fire stations besides the Fire Station East to fulfil this requirement: the Fire Station North of Schoenefeld Airport, which is already in place, is responsible for the northern part of the runway system and the location of the current Schoenefeld Airport, including the later government airport. The Fire Station West will include the dispatch rooms specific to the fire brigade and parking buildings for large vehicles, the fire brigade management office, the airport control centre, the emergen-cy services office, the security management office and the control centre for technology. The personnel at Fire Station West are responsible for the Runways North and South, the apron at BER and the hangars. A total of 200 fire-fighting personnel will work at the three fire stations.

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