Noise Protection Programme Update: Berlin Airports Provides Noise Protection for Another 150 Residents

Change in noise protection zones calculated on new flight routes / Noise protection info hotline up and running / Current application figures
During the hearing held before the Federal Administrative Court in Leipzig on 20 and 21 September 2011 on the supplementary planning resolution regarding the noise protection concept for BER, all those involved in the process reached an agreement on passive noise protection on the basis of the statements made during the hearing.

The airport operator adopted an unbureaucratic approach on the key ques-tion of how changing flight routes might affect the potential noise protection requirements of neighbouring residents. Based on the routes provisionally submitted in July by the German air traffic control authorities (Deutsche Flugsicherung), Berlin Airports investigated whether additional airport neighbours might be entitled to noise protection. The basis for this was the anticipated volume of air traffic at Berlin-Brandenburg Airport in 2015. As announced, the results of this calculation are now out.

Based on the statements made at the hearing, another 150 airport neighbours are entitled to receive noise protection. The nearly 70 residential buildings in question are situated in Dahlewitz.

Berlin Airports will be informing those newly affected by the noise protection plans of their rights at the beginning of the year in order to ensure their speedy provision with individual noise protection. These neighbouring residents are, of course, also welcome to contact Berlin Airports themselves.

Noise protection info hotline up and running

If the airport neighbours have questions about the noise protection pro-gramme, they can either contact Berlin Airports’ airportworld or take a look at the relevant brochure at www.berlin-airport.de. For specific concerns regarding individual implementation of protection measures, they can con-tact the responsible engineering company – from January again – and the noise protection info hotline Berlin Airports operates on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 9am to 4pm on 030 / 6091-2526.

Current status of the application procedure (As at 15 December 2011)

Meanwhile the noise protection programme for the new Berlin Brandenburg Willy Brandt Airport continues apace. Some 16,000 home owners wish to have noise protection installed in time for the opening of BER and have clearly stated this in an informal application for noise protection to be in-stalled by the corresponding deadline, 2 June 2011.

Of these 16,000, some 13,500 residents have also submitted a subsequent formal application complete with the necessary documents, such as build-ing permits and proofs of ownership. Berlin Airports urges all other 2500 owners to submit their formal application for noise protection with the out-standing documentation as soon as possible in order to ensure the timely completion of all individual noise protection measures by the time BER goes into operation.

Until now, Berlin Airports has sent out approximately 11,500 reimbursement agreements to the owners of houses and flats in the vicinity of the airport – they can now commission building companies to install their individual noise protection. The first roughly 1000 airport neighbours have already had noise protection installed at their homes and been reimbursed by Berlin Airports for the costs incurred.

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